Someone Please Tell Me New Mom Hilary Duff Was Just Holding That Cigarette For A Friend

Hilary Duff smoking cigarette "holding for a friend" baby Luca

Oh good Gordo in heaven! This photo of Hilary Duff holding a cigarette outside Rock N Reilly’s Irish Pub in L.A makes me want to cry. Yes, it makes me want to crawl into a crib with her new adorable baby son Luca and just cry. The actress-turned-former-actress-who-only-gets-photographed-because-she-birthed-a-baby had just moved up on my celebrity point ladder  – and now, because of this highly irresponsibly decision, she’s getting knocked back down. I hope she enjoys making small talk with the cast of That’s My Boy.

(Note: Yes, we realize that a Starbucks cup does not equal a cigarette. But we can’t run the photo here, so check it out at the link above.)

For her baby’s cuteness alone, I had given her several (clearly unwarranted) celebrity points, boosting her up to Jessica Alba’s level. A quality celebrity mother who excels at getting photographed with her children. I figured she would join that exclusive parenting club of illustrious former actresses who now spend their days posing candidly with their children in public L.A playgrounds.

But no.

She’s joining Katherine Heigl’s ranks. A mother who will spend her free time going on talk shows and talking about how smoking an electronic cigarette earns her Mother of the Year awards. It’s just so upsetting. You think you know someone. You think you devote a large part of your middle school years watching their TV show. And then they go and do this. Smoke a cigarette despite the dangers third-hand smoke poses to a baby.

Unless of course we all pretend that she just got photographed at an inopportune time and she really is just holding on to that cig for a friend. It’s .06% likely. That gives her the same odds that I gave Nadya Suleman when it comes to her children celebrating Mother’s Day after they move out of  her house.

(Photo: WENN)

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    • joey

      And her boobs are real , right?

    • Jen

      WHO CARES!!! As long as her kid is not with her. Being a new mother is very hard. Everyone deserves a little adult time. Mind your own business.

    • Nikkie

      Who the h*ll are you to judge her? Assuming that is her cigarette, she was out with her husband without her child in sight, so he is at no risk there. If she breastfeeds she was drinking so she was pumping and dumping anyway and if she formula feeds (OH NO HORRIBLE MOMMY!!!!) then her son has nothing to worry about. She likely has a baby sitter and will go home shower and go to bed (or vice versa) before she ever holds her child in the a.m. So he’ll never know. Or she could be holding it for a friend (as it’s not to her mouth and she’s not been photographed smoking before). If she IS a smoker, who gives a crap? Millions of parents smoke and are really really good parents. Worry about if she is smoking in an enclosed car with her kid or letting him sit in her lap w/o a seatbelt (ahem…Britney Spears) but to worry about a cigarette she may or may not be smoking when her child (or any children for that matter) are not around is absurd and overly judgmental. I like this site because most articles are funny and encourage us all to take a breath before judging…this article is WAY off the mark. Get a life.

      • someguyincr

        Nikkie … i agree with the comment about judging her but after that you go completely astray. seriously you are going to type all the speculative stuff that she may or may not do?!?! i am guessing you are a smoker and are trying to justify it being ok.

      • Nikkie

        Actually I’m not a smoker. I think its disgusting.But I don’t really care if someone else does it, as long as they aren’t blowing it in my kids faces. My point was we have no idea what she was or wasn’t doing and regardless her kid isn’t there so it doesn’t matter.

    • Igo Deep

      I’d hit it!

    • Lor

      Who are you??? God? Get a life Jenni!!! Are you perfect???

      • Jenni Maier

        I’m Jenni!!! Not God! Do they have a discount for those on Groupon??? Nah!!!

    • kelc

      I really want to know who wanted to employ this person. These stories are literraly making me feel more stupid by the sentence. You literally are the worst gossip columnist ever. get a new job. perhaps writing childrens books, or cashier at McDonalds.

      • Jenni Maier

        I don’t think I’m literally the worst gossip columnist ever. Metaphorically, yes. Literally, probably not. But feel free to argue your point below!

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    • Leah

      gross, just gross. i cant believe I lost those 3 mins of reading this garbage. terrible writing.. and now im commenting. I will remember your name jenni miaer and be sure to never read any of your crap again.

      and if you can tell by my writing its not about grammer or puctuation. this is just garbage.

      • Riki

        Thank you Leah!. I feel the same exact way. I think I’ll stick to the more popular and well written sites. Even if I don’t agree with an article, the more relevant sites have better crap than this,lol. Wow!

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    • drew conner

      please stop writing. you are just a terrible, judgmental person. someone needs to unplug your keyboard and beat your ass to death with it.

      • Ali

        This article was worth reading just to see this comment.

      • Morgan

        Couldn’t agree more!

      • MB

        glad I’m not the only one! this “writer” is terrible!

      • Jenni Maier

        Yeah! Who wants to fire her!? Or better yet, let’s just re-enact the “Kill the Beast” scene from Beauty and the Beast. I know where she lives so we could make it happen!

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    • Sho

      I’m English and in the UK celebrities smoking is not news or even gossip, I had heard that it was more of a deal in America but still this writer needs to chill! Correct me if I’m wrong but she wasn’t pregnant at the time, nor was the child with her. I hope Jenni, who seems desperate to respond to every criticism, responds to this comment with some more of her stupidity.

      • Jenni Maier

        Marry me.

    • Sarah

      My mother stopped smoking when she was pregnant with me and when I was an infant, but has otherwise smoked my entire life – and she’s the best fucking mother anyone could hope to have. Please shut up and stop spreading your alarmist hate.

      • Tatu

        That’s true tho just because u smoke don’t make u a bad person

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    • Henry Wyatt

      Women should not smoke when they are expecting a child, i don’t know if electronic cigarettes are safe in such situation or not.

    • Austin Jackson

      Why the media is bugging Hilary for an electronic cigarette, doesn’t make any sense, who cares if she was holding it for a friend or was smoking it.

    • dawn

      I do not see her holding a cig….. at all in the top picture.