Girls‘ Season Finale Wedding May Have Been Unrealistic, But It Was Still Genuine

Adam and Hannah’s Fight

Here’s another development that I fully bought into: Adam has finally decided that not only does he like Hannah, but he loves her. But when she’s (understandably) not on the same page as him, he loses his shit and rails on her for being selfish and cruel. Their fight rang so true for me because it unflinchingly illustrated how insecure our generation is. Partly because we have The New York Times writing articles about how emotionally stunted we are, partly because of the economy, partly because of our own pressures, we hold ourselves to impossible standards. With our psychodramas laid out so publicly on social media, we’ve fashioned a weird, self-loathing humility where we’re compelled to constantly put ourselves down.

Adam takes Hannah to task for loving herself so much, even as she protests that she doesn’t love herself. The distinction is this: Hannah is clearly obsessed with herself, but it’s ruthless self-criticism that she’s untalented, overweight, and uncool. Lena Dunham did a smart thing by heaping compliments on her semi-autobiographical character, but never having her TV self actually utter these.

Girls 1x10 "She Did" Hannah Adam fight gif

Girls 1x10 "She Did" Hannah Adam fight gif

.gifs: skittishandscared on Tumblr

Marnie’s Love Life

Am I the only one who found Marnie and Charlie‘s awkward joking about ex sex so touching? The previews kept playing up the idea that a more carefree Marnie would gladly fuck her ex while his new girlfriend was out of town, but it turns out he’s the one who first suggests that they go fool around in the bathroom. You can tell that they’re both a step away from actually doing it, before Marnie loses her nerve and laughs that he must be joking. Poor Charlie has no choice but to play it off as well.

But that doesn’t mean that Marnie ends the season alone. Maybe spurred on by Jessa making it work with Thomas John, she instead flirts with the ordained minister—perhaps the most painfully awkward adult male on this show, played by SNL‘s Bobby Moynihan. He flirts with her over the cake but very quickly ends up basically confessing that he’d love to smear cake all over her naked body. Even Thomas John had more game than this! But instead of sneer at him, Marnie kisses him instead. Just in time for Charlie to come out and see them.

Adam Gets Hit By A Car

It’s fascinating how we’ve refined 100% realistic 3-D technology, and yet in 2012 you can still tell when a character is about to get hit by a moving vehicle. I don’t know the technical term for it, but the camera angle shifts the moment before the stunt car comes from off-frame to clip the actor, and it ruins it every time for me. Seriously, rewatch that scene.

Much as I was swayed by Adam’s love declaration, him pulling yet another 180 and calling Hannah a “monster” when he was being wheeled away in the ambulance was so unrealistic. But at least it gave us…

The Ending Sequence

Falling asleep on the train and riding it to the very end, and getting your purse stolen along the way—now that’s the quintessential Millennial New York City experience. Hannah totters off the F train at God-knows-what-hour and wanders barefoot to Coney Island, where she sits in the sand eating her piece of wedding cake. It’s a throwback to the jarring shot of Hannah munching on a cupcake in the shower from the pilot, but it’s clear that in the intervening episodes she’s matured somewhat. Plus, for a show crammed with dialogue and snappy jokes, this wordless sequence was gorgeous.

Girls 1x10 "She Did" ending Lena Dunham wedding cake beach

I can’t wait for season 2! So, Crushable readers—what did you think of Jessa’s wedding and all the baggage that came with it?

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    • Christina

      I just found the wedding to be completely out of place in the season. Up until now, I felt like I could know any of these girls. But none of my friends, even the “crazy ones” would ever do this. I didn’t love it.

      • Natalie Zutter

        It definitely was an outlandish move. I wonder if we had gotten more episodes if it would’ve made any more sense?

    • Jane

      I feel that they skipped quite a bit and quickly jumped out on the wedding. It’s very out of place and the development of the characters were not present.
      I was disappointed, hopefully season 2 will be a lot more sensible!

      • Natalie Zutter

        I wonder if season 2 will do any sort of flashback so we can better understand why Jessa decided to do this?

    • Winston

      I think they rushed the plot in hopes to create a dynamic ending. Did not work for me at all. Hope that they take it slow and don’t make it so silly.

      The wedding was really really awkward I think.

      Jessa’s relationship hadn’t even been considered and it was so rushed, hopefully it’s just a facade?

      • Natalie Zutter

        I do agree that it was a bit too obvious of them to be all, “Where’s Jessa? She hasn’t been around for two weeks!” and then whip out the wedding plotline. I’ve heard some recappers suggest she needs a green card, but I don’t think she ever mentioned that being a problem before. What do you think it could be a facade for?

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    • Jam

      After her old boss told her that all of her man drama and crazy sexual encounters were keeping her from becoming the person she was meant to be, I think it clicked for her. But I think she was just rushing this wedding so she could define herself better. I do think that it was rushed and if there was an episode or two more, before this to at least show them going on a date or something, maybe it wouldn’t have felt so rushed. All I know is that I’m sad its already over and I’m ready for season 2!

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