Girls‘ Season Finale Wedding May Have Been Unrealistic, But It Was Still Genuine

Girls 1x10 "She Did" Jessa wedding wtf Adam Hannah Shoshanna Ray

So! Girls has wrapped its first season in a surprisingly grandiose fashion: Jessa invites her friends to a mystery party which turns out to be a surprise wedding to Thomas John; Hannah and Adam are at odds because he said he loves her; Marnie moved out, loosened up, and made out with a schlumpy older guy; and Shoshanna finally lost her virginity!

The other Crushable ladies weren’t fans of the plot twist of Jessa’s wedding, thinking that it was a way too calculated move to end the season with a big wedding that tricks viewers into obsessing over every detail. And yet, I think that Lena Dunham and the other writers have slyly subverted other sitcoms, by throwing their own tried-and-true strategies back at them. You expect most shows to end with dramatic nuptials, so why not play into that?

However, it also fits within the show’s universe: Several episodes ago Kathryn gently put Jessa in her place with that speech about how “you’re trying to avoid becoming the person you’re meant to be.” Rather than Jessa take this advice from a surrogate-mother figure to heart, she rails against it like a child who does exactly what she’s told not to do. She wants the attention and validation, and she got it.

Girls is strongest when it builds emotional resonance around tiny moments. And while the wedding was a polarizing event around which to plan a season finale, it did succeed in breeding more of those tiny revelations. Most were so realistic that we did our usual cringe-and-nod when watching, but a few fell flat.

Girls 1x10 "She Did" Jessa wedding Shoshanna Ray sex

Shoshanna and Ray

Part of what threw people about the wedding plotline was how nonchalant Hannah and Marnie were about Jessa getting hitched to a guy she’d known for only two weeks. (But yay for bringing back Chris O’Dowd as a skeevy, insecure creep!) The last person I expected to freak out was Shoshanna, but she spends the majority of the party sulking in the corner—partly because she’s mortified she wore white to her cousin’s wedding. As if she knew! I was surprised that she called Jessa “a dumb whore,” but Shosh obviously has her own frustration and jealousy about her three friends.

Girls has been building up to the Ray/Shoshanna hookup for a while, ever since he chased the pantsless Shosh through Bushwick because he was her “crack spirit guide.” And even though Ray has delivered some hilariously nasty zingers to Hannah in their scenes working together at Café Grumpy, his speech to Shoshanna about how “you vibrate on a very strange frequency” was one of the most genuine moments of the finale. And then they had sex! And he was sweet but also forceful, and I could actually see these two staying together for at least some of season 2.

Hannah and Elijah Moving In Together

I dunno, but this development seemed way too obvious of a season 2 set-up: “Now it’s Lena Dunham and Andrew Rannells in the same apartment, those crazy kids! And it’s gonna set Adam off!” I was lucky enough to see Andrew in The Book of Mormon before he left and I think he’s fantastic on Girls, but this seemed less a meta joke about bringing in sassy gay friends on sitcoms and actually just doing that.

Also, what was with Elijah’s boyfriend George getting so upset over Elijah having HPV? Maybe there was a joke in there about how you shouldn’t mention any STD to a gay guy, but you’d think that he would know that it poses no danger to them. Seriously, someone distribute some Planned Parenthood pamphlets to all these characters.

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    • Christina

      I just found the wedding to be completely out of place in the season. Up until now, I felt like I could know any of these girls. But none of my friends, even the “crazy ones” would ever do this. I didn’t love it.

      • Natalie Zutter

        It definitely was an outlandish move. I wonder if we had gotten more episodes if it would’ve made any more sense?

    • Jane

      I feel that they skipped quite a bit and quickly jumped out on the wedding. It’s very out of place and the development of the characters were not present.
      I was disappointed, hopefully season 2 will be a lot more sensible!

      • Natalie Zutter

        I wonder if season 2 will do any sort of flashback so we can better understand why Jessa decided to do this?

    • Winston

      I think they rushed the plot in hopes to create a dynamic ending. Did not work for me at all. Hope that they take it slow and don’t make it so silly.

      The wedding was really really awkward I think.

      Jessa’s relationship hadn’t even been considered and it was so rushed, hopefully it’s just a facade?

      • Natalie Zutter

        I do agree that it was a bit too obvious of them to be all, “Where’s Jessa? She hasn’t been around for two weeks!” and then whip out the wedding plotline. I’ve heard some recappers suggest she needs a green card, but I don’t think she ever mentioned that being a problem before. What do you think it could be a facade for?

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    • Jam

      After her old boss told her that all of her man drama and crazy sexual encounters were keeping her from becoming the person she was meant to be, I think it clicked for her. But I think she was just rushing this wedding so she could define herself better. I do think that it was rushed and if there was an episode or two more, before this to at least show them going on a date or something, maybe it wouldn’t have felt so rushed. All I know is that I’m sad its already over and I’m ready for season 2!

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