10 Best Lines From The Worst Reviews Of That’s My Boy

Personally, I can say with complete confidence that That’s My Boy was the worst movie I have ever seen. (Granted, I have not seen Jack and Jill.)  That’s why I was so delighted to hear that it came in 5th place at the box office during its opening weekend and it only made 13 million dollars. That’s all it deserves after it offended myself — as well as anyone else with common sense and/or a vagina.

With a whopping 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, most critics seem to share my general sentiments that it’s a horrendous film. Although sadly, it received a  67% from audiences? Are you kidding me people?

On the slight chance my own invective against Adam Sandler‘s newest abomination isn’t enough to convince you of its awfulness, I wanted to share the 10 best and most lol-worthy lines from the worst reviews of That’s My Boy. It will ensure that you’re not a member of the 67%.

(Photo: The Guardian)

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