Real Housewives of New Jersey: Why Joe Giudice Is A Douche

I spend a lot of my free time rotting my brain by watching reality TV. That includes the beloved Bravo series that follows around five of the most gorgeous (and rich) women of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Something that I have always noticed about these shows is that the husbands are sometimes way more interesting than the men. I find myself more fixated on their actions and opinions than the real “stars” of the show.

Joe Giudice is no exception.

And it’s sad for Joe because I’m not fascinated by him in a good way. I don’t think he’s hot (Maurico Umansky, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). I don’t think he’s perfect (Jason Hoppy, Real Housewives of New York/Bethenny Ever After). I don’t even think he’s funny (Terry Dubrow, Real Housewives of Orange County). I think he is a straight up douche. He’s always angry or yelling or being negative about something. He’s constantly in the tabloids for money issues. He can’t seem to get his shit together in any way while his wife makes an ass of herself on television weekly (for our enjoyment). They’re quite the pair! Here are just a few reasons why Joe Giudice is the King of the Douchelords.

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    • B Smith

      Joe and Teresa are filth of the earth. Gia is a spoiled, smart mouthed kid. Whenever Donald trump said Teresa was “smart” I wanted to gag. He obviously never watched the show. Joe makes me ill. The way they speak
      In front of their children is awful. DCS should take their kids away from them!
      Teresa can’t see that she is ALWAYS wrong. She’s a moron.