I Don’t Know How Anyone Who Worked On The Racist, Misogynistic, Incestuous That’s My Boy Can Sleep At Night

From the strip club bachelor party complete with some things I didn’t even think were allowed to be shown in theaters, to comments like “You can eat that ass when I’m done,” “We gonna get our dicks sucked,” and “I’m gonna go put a dent in that,” even down to smaller details like a women catching a baseball in her boobs and the fact that Donny’s ringtone is a girl moaning, That’s My Boy screams MISOGYNY in your face for 115 minutes.

But apart from what I would say are the movie’s two major themes – “Statutory rape is okay as long as the child is a boy and the teacher is hot” and “Women are to be treated worse than animals and are good for nothing but blowjobs” — there were moments clearly meant to shock you into nervous laughter that instead made my stomach lurch. For example, the obese middle-aged stripper hanging upside down on a pole pouring orange juice on herself. Then there was Adam Sandler jacking off to a picture of his son’s future grandmother-in-law, who later throws herself at him. (Naturally, because really, women like to be objectified and will just throw themselves at you when you treat them like a hole for your dick, which is another major theme in this movie.) Then, in a truly repulsive move I am horrified that I saw coming from the second Leighton Meester overzealously greeted her brother, they threw in some casual incest. Fanflippingtastic.

So, let’s talk about how many things this movie ruined for me—starting with jeans, because I inadvertently sat on a piece on gum at the theater and blame Adam Sandler for that too. There’s the AMC movie theater on 42nd Street, which is now tainted with the memories of this dreadful moviegoing experience. But more importantly, there’s “Lazy Sunday” and all of my other beloved SNL shorts, thanks to Andy Samberg. There’s Jess from Gilmore Girls, as Milo Ventimiglia (I was so in love with him that I knew that spelling off the top of my head) played Leighton’s brother. Yeah, the one she has sex with. Oh, it didn’t ruin “Ice, Ice, Baby” though, because somehow that role just seemed appropriate for Vanilla Ice.

I could discuss the racism (This comment actually gets said of housekeepers: “They aren’t from this country, so feel free to abuse the shit out of them”), the inordinate profanity, the odd frequency with which people get into fights and Adam Sandler hits someone over the head with a beer bottle, the glorification of alcoholism, or a myriad of other repugnant factors. Honestly, I could go on for pages. But I think my thoughts on That’s My Boy can be summed up by saying truly, I don’t know how anyone involved in the making of it can sleep at night.

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    • Maggie

      Possibly the worst part of it is that this movie will make millions of dollars and people will find it funny. I think it’s time for Adam Sandler to retire and go away, because his recent movies have been (Jack and Jill anyone?) are trashy, pathetic money grabs that reinforce disgusting stereotypes.

      • Kelsey Manning

        I know, it’s really depressing. I was in a large theater of people laughing, so you’re probably right

    • Jenni Maier

      At this point, unless he’s going to make Wedding Singer 2, he needs to retire.

    • porkchop

      Yikes! I know that movies are going to use misogyny to sooth men who will never exceed the mental age of 12, and I accept it, but freaking child rape? WHAT!! I feel like critics aren’t being hard enough on that.

    • McSnuggleFuggle

      God what a load of crap. Kelsey Manning you sound like a deprived female turned sexist after not getting humped enough.. a wallaby without an owner. Shit if a bunch a kids with down syndrome got placed together in a room there would be a lot of hugging and humping but you’re too moronic and porcine to even manage that. A serious feminist. Feminist being fucking ugly bitches. Seriously, when have you ever seen a hot feminist. You’re obviously a girl who can’t get laid and wants to take it out on the rest of society by claiming ridiculous bullshit like, “Models create unrealistic body images,” and “Women should have equal rights.”… next time why dont you do something productive and stay in the kitchen making us all sandwiches… and if you can’t manage that, then just stick to giving blowies during the movie.. i don’t see why you were watching thats my boy in the first place.. its for men and women come to keep us company with a mouth and i dont mean their vocals.

      • Jenni Maier

        I like your style McSnuggleFuggle. If you’re interested in writing for us, please shoot an email to tRoLlPaTrOl@crushable.com

      • Maggie

        Have fun living in your Mom’s basement your whole life, because you will definitely never find a woman that you don’t have to pay to sleep with you.

      • Gerry

        Yup, anyone who points out your racism and sexism isn’t getting humped enough! Good insight, ad hominem toad! Oh and imagine thinking “women should have equal rights”. What a concept! Do you still believe the earth is flat too? Can’t compete friend? Women getting the best of you? Wa wa wa all the way back to your widdle cave. Big tough man. Won’t even let you have your own brand of cough cough humor. So you hate women, that’s old stuff my repressed little man. Wait a minute what was that grunting. Oh, you’re horny and can’t get enough blood to the littler brain in your head to make a real sentence. Don’t bother replying since once you told everyone you liked the cough cough humor in this movie, you blew your entire load….done! That politically correct enough for you?

    • Nancy

      I haven’t seen this movie because (though I loved his older movies!) his newer movies look totally stupid. BUT from some of the ways you described the issues, it kind of sounds like they were doing it ironically (maybe subtly ironically?). Like this: “(This comment actually gets said of housekeepers: “They aren’t from this country, so feel free to abuse the shit out of them”)”-seems pretty clear it’s not a serious opinion. And all the stuff you said about EVERYONE treating him like a hero…? Seems like the whole movie’s kind of a hyperbole. But again, I didn’t see it, I don’t know the tone. Maybe they tried for hyperbole but were too subtle and came off as serious?

      Anyway, I loved this line: “So, let’s talk about how many things this movie ruined for me—starting with jeans, because I inadvertently sat on a piece on gum at the theater and blame Adam Sandler for that too. “

    • Sebastian

      This is greatest comedy ever!!! (and i am not joking!) – Kelsey, you must be one helluva stuck-up prude who can’t get laid… Or seriously is a feminist who has no clue about society. I would give this 10 stars if i could! I’m seeing it again, and would happily pay to see it a 3rd time! PS: I saw Citizen Kane last week for the first time, and really liked that too.

      What does that say about me??

      • Gerry

        I’d say it makes you schizophrenic. It was predictable that someone would say anyone disgusted with this film is simply prudish as a counter point to the fact that anyone that would like this film is ten notches below a neanderthal. Once you get the point that the film is meant to shock by crossing all politically correct boundaries, it is absolutely boring. So here’s the distinction you can’t make. There is a difference between laughing at political correctness, and laughing along with misogyny and racism. This film revels in the latter attitude. In fact, the fact that you laugh at these lame jokes proves that you are the real prude. Only a real prude would continue to be aroused by the prospect of crossing the political correct threshold. I also suspect that your libido is linked to your racism and misogyny. Get some help!

    • Student-X

      man. just…damn. i saw this movie on HBO only recently. i saw the Happy Madison intro then thought that this could be a funny movie, because i remember the Adam Sandler movies from the past. but then those first few minutes. that detention part, then the teacher had intercourse with that kid?! seriously? i thought to myself , “are they really going with that? am i really watching this now?”. i couldn’t take it so i just searched for the whole plot. then to my surprise i read that the movie had a scene involving incest. at that moment, i gave up -.- and decided that this could be one of the disappointing movies i have ever seen.