Jennifer Lawrence Gives Us Her Best ‘Sexy Horror Movie Heroine’ In New House At The End Of The Street Photos

Jennifer Lawrence House at the End of the Street Max ThieriotI’m really impressed with Jennifer Lawrence for playing three very different but equally badass characters in the past two years. There was her Oscar-nominated role in Winter’s Bone; scrappy Katniss Everdeen, of course; and now Elissa, the heroine of the new thriller House at the End of the Street.

There’s kind of an Amity Horror feel to this film, which sees Elissa and her mom (Elizabeth Shue) moving in next door to Ryan (Max Thieriot), the sole survivor of a massacre when his sister murdered their family. Of course Elissa is drawn to this wounded bad boy, but it’s unclear if he’s tied to his family’s gruesome deaths or if he’s an innocent victim.

Partly because it’s horror, I get the sense that this movie will be sexier than Jennifer’s other projects. The Hunger Games was necessarily chaste because of its YA audience, and while this is rated PG-13 we’ve already seen clips of Elissa and Ryan getting hot and heavy. In this new photo above, you have Elissa staring off into the distance, probably calculating how fast she could run if something scary were to come out of the woods.

I also really like this one, mostly because it almost looks like Jen is subverting the horror genre and it’s her who’s the creepy one spying on Max Thieriot.

Jennifer Lawrence House at the End of the Street Max Thieriot new photos

Jen knows that something’s afoot!

Jennifer Lawrence House at the End of the Street Max Thieriot

Photos: Relativity Media

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    • JRM

      My LORD….Jennifer Lawrence has an amazing figure!. I love the photo of Lawrence sitting on the hood of the car…with black Converse sneakers!. Beautiful, sexy tomboy. I don’t usually go for horror films but seeing as this one stars Jennifer (Max Theriot is also a cutie!) I will see this one.

    • Devlin

      Very nice photos!. Along with being the most talented actress of her generation, Lawrence has quite possibly the most beautiful face/body as well.