Meet The Hottest US Athletes Competing In The 2012 Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics are just weeks away and we’re slowly accepting the fact that we won’t be traveling to London to see all the action go down in person. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be wasting our time away with Real Housewives marathons in August. Nope, we’re committed to celebrating the Olympics right here from America and we’re committed to celebrating in true Crushable style.

And no, that doesn’t mean turning the TV volume on mute so we can listen to One Direction on repeat. We’re talking about what’s really important here. The athletes that you’re going to want to watch all month long. Not so much for their athletic prowess, but rather for their Olympian bodies. These guys don’t just show up to the games like a frat guy rolling out of bed after an all night beer fest.

These guys trained long and hard for this event and they’re in London to show us why they earned these prestigious Team USA positions. We’ve generously taken the time to go through every single male athlete competing for the US and we’ve picked out the hottest guy representing us in each sport. (Well we skipped a few for a lack of candidates, but these guys below really are the best that our country has to offer!)

Yep, that’s right. No matter what mens sport shows up on your TV, you’re going to know who to look for and why. After all, if you do your stalking right after you read this list, you’ll have no problem picking the right guy out of the line-up.

So grab your fish and chips, sit the bloody hell down and take a moment to go through our gallery!

Want more Olympics gossip, facts and deets right now? Well, we’re going to be giving it to you all summer long. But if you can’t wait another moment, you can check out or for everything you could ever want to know about the 2012 Olympics.

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    • Emma

      Omg !! David boudia <3

    • Ash

      You forgot Ryan Lochte. And even though he’s retired, Aaron Peirsol. Both adorbs. [:

      • Meghan Radespiel

        Ugh, I love me some Ryan Lochte! We had to flip a coin when it came time to deciding a swimmer and Nathan just got lucky!

    • Vanessa Vieira

      Would date Nic Long….or Kendrick Farris.

    • Rebecca

      Awesome Motorcrossed reference!

      • Meghan Radespiel

        Thank you! Probably one of my favorite Disney channel movies!

      • Jenni Maier

        I’m going to be honest with you. Out of all the fabulous Disney Channel movies, I liked that one the least. I hate movies with boys change places with girls, because they always involve that one scene where the girl (dressed as the guy) says something in a high-pitched voice and then says, “I mean” in a really deep voice. See the movie “She’s the Man” for ample examples.

      • Vanessa Vieira

        What does your heart tell you? I mean, which one would you rather see naked?! – best line

    • Claire

      ok Kill, Marry, Screw

      David Boudia, Nathan Adrian and Chris Paul

      • Lauren

        Kill- David Boudia

        Marry- Nathan Adrian

        Screw- Chris Paul

    • Sam

      There are WAY better/hotter pictures of Jordan Burroughs!
      For example:

      But seriously… Check out his website!

    • Ashley

      This is suppose to be 2012 athletes according to title and as a Baltimore orioles fan I know that jake arrieta will not be in the 2012 Olympics so the title should be changed.

    • Nathan Adrian Fan

      For more pictures and articles on Nathan Adrian, visit, a fan blog dedicated to the swimmer! :)