Magazines Finally Stop Referring To Connor And Isabella Cruise As Tom Cruise’s ‘Adopted’ Children

You know what drives me crazy? Besides bald men who think they can trick us into believing they have hair by growing soul patches?

When magazines differentiate between celebrities adopted and biological children. And that happens in almost every single article ever written about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s two children, Isabella and Connor. Ever since Suri Cruise entered the scene, magazines felt the need to remind us that she’s Tom Cruise’s biological daughter — and Isabella and Connor are adopted. ADOPTED. As in not genetically related to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The problem only got worse when Nicole Kidman gave birth to two children with her current husband Keith Urban. Then the adopted vs. biological story could be told even more often, from even more angles.

As someone with an adopted sister who never refers to her as adopted except when I’m up on my soapbox writing articles like this, I take lots of offense to these articles. So when I saw a People article this morning titled, “Tom Cruise: I’m Happy with Three Kids,” I prepared to get super angry. I started huffing and puffing before the article even had a chance to load.

And then in a surprising twist that filled me with delight and hope, the article simply stated, “ The Rock of Ages star, who is dad to Suri, 6, with wife Katie Holmes, and Conner, 17, and Bella, 19, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman, says he’s not planning  to add to his family anytime soon.”

No mention of the dreaded A-word. (And no mention of Tom Cruise reproducing. Double win!) Could this be the beginning of the end of constantly throwing the word “adopted” into these types of stories. I hope so.

Especially when it comes to Tom Cruise. There’s just so much that needs to be said about him and all of his life choices, that it seems foolish to waste precious page space on a trivial word like adopted.

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    • Anna

      This is actually one of my biggest pet peeves. It is really insulting to a family that these magazines (and therefore a lot of the people that read them) seem so caught up on the biological vs. adopted children. The parents don’t differentiate, the children don’t differentiate, so why do these magazines/sites feel the need to constantly do so?

      • Jenni Maier

        There’s no reason to do it. Especially in this day and age where so many celebrities adopt. It’s nothing novel or unique that needs to be pointed out.

    • Suzy

      Thank you so much for posting this article. I am an adoptee. I feel that people look at us as if we are just charity work. Especially in today’s society. There is no reason to bring to light that these stars adopting or point out whos there ”real” child and whose there adopted one. Pisses me off. Lets hope its over for Connor and Isabella s sake.

    • biological

      article written by bitter, rejected ADOPTED reject

    • Kenneth Graham

      Chris Klein is clicking his heels

    • Marina

      Adopted people are sensitive

    • Kimberly @ Twen-Teen

      I don’t think they overused the word to demean his relationship with his adopted children — I think magazines like People use the word the way they tend to put a celebrity’s age in an article after the first mention of their name — just for reference. Although I do notice that news coverage of Hugh Jackman rarely mentions that his children are adopted.

    • merv

      Hi I agree, it always rankled me when the press so slyly took potshots at all three of the kids. I feel bad because Suri can look forward to the how “she” is the cause of the divorce. And it seems that Bella and Connor are also being used in the media as well. Come on leave the kids out of this please. The simple fact is Katie got tired of being married to a big star and the lifestyle. FYI she never once said she was a Scientologist and they even had a Catholic wedding so I doubt religion was the issue here. Tom never hid his religious beliefs and I’m tired of everyone portraying her as the victim here. You don’t want to deal with someone’s religion than here’s a thought: DON’T go out with them, let alone marry and have kids with them. All of these so-called “sources” should be looked up and have their names and amounts of money they took posted. BET that would be the end of the rumors then.
      Both were classy and decided not to drag each other through the mud and traumatize the kids anymore than this situation already has.
      Suri looks unhappy and I can guarantee the way to get her to run, not walk, to her father’s religion is to force her away from it. Katie is going to have her hands full when this girl gets older, mark my words. Tom is willing to acknowledge that all three kids are his regardless of their parental status so kudos to him. And as for Katie having custody how is that a bad thing? Talk about one amazing guy, most exes will use the kids for retaliation and he didn’t. And yes, I had this done to me and my son and I’s relationship is still on very shaky ground because of it so I actually applaud a guy who can “man up” on something like this as well as say all three kids are his regardless of their parental source.