These Photos Of Madeleine Stowe Promoting Revenge Prove That Victoria Greyson Must Still Be Alive

I’m still reeling from the season finale of Revenge. So much happened. So many people died. Or so many people didn’t die. We won’t know until  season two premieres in the fall. Instead we’re left spending our summer trying to figure out who’s still alive. Did Victoria Greyson (Madeleine Stowe) really die in that fiery plane crash? Did Charlotte Greyson (Christa B. Allen) succeed at killing herself? Is Emily/Amanda’s (Emily VanCamp) mom living somewhere ingontio after all these years of Emily/Amanda believing her to be dead?

I can hardly sleep at night with all these questions swirling around in my mind. So I spend a lot of time in fan forums with people just as crazy as I am about answering all these questions. Especially the most important one: did Victoria Greyson get off the plane before it crashed?

Fans say yes.

There’s no way she would have gotten on that plane after Conrad Greyson (Henry Czerny) threatened her life with the whole, “if you get on that plane, it’s the last thing you’ll ever do” line. Nor would the creators deprive us of the very necessary Emily/Amanda and Victoria showdown that the entire first season built up to. How could they kill her off without giving us the satisfaction of seeing Victoria’s face when Emily reveals her true identity!?

If that’s not enough to convince you that she could very well be alive, then just look at all these photos of her promoting the show in Monte Carlo, Monaco with Josh Bowman and Emily VanCamp. I have to believe that if she’s still promoting the show, then she must still be a vital character. Right!? Someone tell me I’m right and that I’m not just fantasizing here.

I need Victoria to stay alive. I’m meh about Charlotte. Sure I feel for her, but she brings a lot of unneeded drama to the show with her high school antics. I’m much more into murder and terrorism, than I am into 17-year-old’s love triangles.

So tell me what you think in the comments below.

(Photo: Just Jared)

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    • Malinda Gray

      SHE BETTER NOT BE DEAD! I think exactly what you do. We need to see the show down. I watch the show more because of Victoria Grayson. It’d be like Once Upon A Time without Regina. It’d fall apart. It was such a great episode but. No way can they kill her off. It’d be terrible. My sister said she thinks she is dead because Emily’s revenge is over with the Grayson’s and is on a bigger level with Americon. I says he can’t be dead. NO WAY! Conrad should be the one.

      • Jenni Maier

        I think the Americon revenge plot makes it a lot less fun. Messing with a rich family is much more entertaining than messing with some terrorist group.