[UPDATED] Teen Mom‘s Catelynn Lowell Is Pregnant Again, Still Seems Unsure How Family Planning Works

Hold onto your fetuses! Teen Mom‘s Catelynn Lowell, who first made a name for herself by getting pregnant by accident at age 16, is once again pregnant by accident at age 20. She says she’s happy and going to keep it this time (she gave her first daughter up for adoption), and I’m happy that she’s happy, but something about this still smacks of unresolved issues.

“She said, ‘You’re never going to believe it: I’m pregnant,’” Catelynn’s friend Jamie Pyrzewski told In Touch. To which I would say: “have you been having unprotected sex with your fiancé Tyler Baltierra? Yes? Then I totally believe it.”

“We were both quiet. I asked how she felt about it. She said she was nervous and scared,” continues Jamie. Does this sound like a planned pregnancy to you?

Sources then go on to say that Catelynn’s happy to be getting a “second chance at motherhood,” etc., and while it’s obviously her choice and all, something about this doesn’t seem healthy.

You see, the thing is this: assuming you don’t have fertility problems, a 20-year-old doesn’t need to jump at a “chance” for motherhood like she would jump at the chance for a job, a college education, a going-out-of-business sale, etc. She has at least 15 years left of being able to get knocked up any time she likes.

Even if you’re technically no longer a teenager, the ability to plan when you have kids is an important component of being in control of your life, and it sounds like Catelynn was still having unprotected sex despite the fact that she and Tyler were finally just getting back on their feet after the emotional turmoil that their previous unprotected sex caused them. Either Catelynn is a dullard who has learned absolutely nothing about how babies are made, or part of her wanted to get pregnant. (I’m guessing the latter.)

And why did she want to get pregnant? Well, being a teen mom is the thing that made her famous, so maybe that’s the only thing she sees herself as. Then again, she gave her first child up for adoption, so maybe having another child is a method of coping with the emotional trauma of giving her first one away. I’ve never been through it myself, but I can imagine that giving one’s baby up for adoption under very public circumstances could create issues a young person is ill-equipped to deal with. I’m glad she’s excited about this pregnancy, but I also hope she’s seeing a good therapist.

(Via In Touch)

UPDATE: She’s not pregnant, after all! Hooray!

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    • Sara Lee

      I say I’m mildly happy for them. I’m not happy that their having a baby when they’re not married but at least they’re committed to each other. It’s not about age, it’s all about maturity and there is nothing wrong with having a baby at 20 if you’re stable. Certainly don’t want to wait until you’re old because your eggs will also be old. You don’t know that this pregnancy is unplanned, so don’t go assuming things. They did the right thing putting their first child up for adoption.

      • Natalie Zutter

        Do you not think that them being engaged counts as committed? (Not argumentative, I’m genuinely curious.)

    • Bonnie

      It’s going to be weird explaining to their first child (Carly?) why they didn’t keep her but kept her brother/sister. Sorry to sound like a downer but this whole thing sounds like it was planned because of not being able to cope with the pain of giving their firstborn up for adoption. Oh well….at least they have some funds now from making all that money from Teen Mom.

      • Natalie Zutter

        I always hear about the Teen Mom money never actually being enough to live on, so if they were to have a kid–more in the future now that she’s denied being pregnant–they’d have to get real jobs.

        Yeah, I can’t imagine how difficult that must be, to have multiple children with the same person but not raise all of them. Part of why my ex (long-term relationship) and I were so anxious about getting pregnant by accident was that we both knew we’d either put it up for adoption or abort it… and we figured that if we ever got married and had more kids, it’d be so hard to explain.

        Teen Mom makes me overthink these things!