6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching The Real Housewives of Orange County

Another day, another dollar. Another week, another episode of everyone’s favorite Bravo series, The Real Housewives of Orange County. This week, the ladies are all off doing their own things. Some are still on exotic vacations, some are freaking out about marriage, some are using any excuse to have a party. This week’s episode entitled “Will He or Won’t He?” mainly focuses around Tamra and Eddie in Bora Bora. The whole episode begs the question: Will Eddie propose to Tamra? (I just typed that and then rolled my eyes out of self-loathing. I’ve got to get out more.) Besides that big question, I have a few others of my own! Let’s dive in, shall we?

 1. Does Vicki accept Brooks for all his flaws?

During an interview, Vicki says she loves Brooks and accepts him for all his flaws…and if that were actually true, why would she be paying for him to have dental surgery? Lies! She takes her boyfriend, Brooks, to the dentist to get his teeth fixed. A couple of his front teeth are missing and the others are yellowing. I am not going to lie and say it was a pretty sight. They needed some work—it’s true.  But why is Vicki forcing this on him if she accepts him? I bet she is paying for this whole shenanigan (a 15,000 dollar shenanigan, I might add) too not only because she makes more money than him, but she is probably forcing him to do this. She then affectionately refers to him as “Humpty Dumpty.” That is just too sweet for words. Glad she accepts him flaws and all and doesn’t want to change a thing. Aye-yi-yi.

2. Are you guys driving your own buses?

Alexis’ acting coach told her that she has none of the qualifications to “drive her own bus.” This basically means that Alexis can’t handle her shit and therefore has no way to direct the way her life is going. She’s not driving her bus correctly. Cut to Alexis killing it during a fashion Fox 5 segment! She’s driving her own bus! She’s doing the whole wife/mom, fashion designer, TV personality thing and she’s driving that bus. Are you guys driving your bus? Sometimes I feel like I’m driving my bus and totally pushing the pedal to the medal. Like, I am the Dale Earnhardt Jr. of bus driving. And then other days I’m like an 80 year old with cataracts driving an Oldsmobile. It changes daily, but I am happy for Alexis. After the emotional beating she took last week, I commend her for toughening up and doing the damn thing.

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    • Tricia O.

      Katie, I thought the same exact thing about Number 3. Tamra is such a royal bitch. Why does she get to go to Bora Bora and be lavished with fantastic gifts? Granted, she got them from a guy with an odd bite plate, but he still seems to truly love her and think that she deserves these things.

      I do have a wonderful husband, but we want to go to Bora Bora, too. I’m only mean sometimes … perhaps I will up my mean quotient, get a SAG card and a reality TV trip to paradise.

    • MaudTherriault

      Pedal to the metal, as in the floor of the car, not medal.