Pretty Little Liar Of The Week: Mrs. Hastings

Things are starting to heat up in Rosewood on Pretty Little Liars as A continues her (his?) comeback! After clearing the inquisition from the police about Allison’s missing body, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are still very on edge since A left those pictures in Spencer’s car last week. Well, A is getting sneakier and much more creepy. Emily pulls out a homemade necklace featuring with what we assume is Ali’s teeth and spells out “Dead Girls Don’t Have Teeth.” When deciding what to do with it during a bathroom stall conference, the necklace (and evidence mind you) falls into the toilet and gets flushed. Oops.

Later, the girls spot Aria’s dad’s ex-mistress, Meredith, at school and she’s looking for a job. Awkward much? Well, A is clearly hard at work in this episode because Aria finds an earring in her locker that she and Ali found in her Byron’s office after he supposedly ended his affair. This caused Aria and Ali to trash the office, and Aria’s dad threatened Meredith to stay away from him and his family. A texts Aria to fess up or the other earring will come out, so she comes clean to her dad. When she goes to apologize to Meredith, we find out that the earring isn’t hers and she’s having lunch with Byron. Uh-oh looks like this could get messy. Who does the pair of earrings belong to then? My guess is Ali planted them in the office.

Meanwhile, Emily is being tutored by Ezra which is slightly awkward but he’s so cute and tries his best to help her out. While she’s taking a make-up English exam for Aria’s mom, Ella, she has another flashback to the night where she ended up at Ali’s grave. She remembers that Jenna was the one driving! What the french toast?! But Jenna is still blind, right? NOT! Last season, Jenna killed a fly on her mirror after having her surgery, and she’s been pretending to be blind. Emily runs out of the test leaving the last page blank, and Ella ends up finishing it for her to help her pass. The girls test Jenna in the bathroom and decide to use this to their advantage. Oh and Toby found prescription eye drops in Jenna’s room back at the house meaning she’s been getting them refilled. “Bitch can see!” as Aria said.

Since they’re still trying to get information, Hanna agrees to keep visiting Mona and Spencer visits Garrett. Hanna’s visits are getting weirder and she’s frustrated, she even throws a chair. Wren explains that she’s having an ambiguous loss where the person is alive but it feels like they died. Hanna tries lying to Caleb about visiting, but he knows somethings up and offers to go with her. She didn’t tell him though that she’s been visiting all along. We see that Mona stole a pair of tweezers out of Hanna’s cosmetic case when she was giving her a makeover and she pricks her finger with it. Hopefully nothing too serious will happen there. Mona asks, “You’re getting them again, aren’t you? The texts.” And then time’s up.

Mrs. Hastings rips Spencer a new one for visiting Garrett in jail, but Spencer explains she’s been trying to get answers. She forbids Spencer from going back there, end of discussion. But of course, Spencer doesn’t listen. She goes to visit and hears her mother. Garrett won’t tell Spencer anything, but it looks like Mrs. Hastings is going to be Garrett’s lawyer after all. Perhaps at the pleading of Spencer’s sister, Melissa? What’s up with that? Mrs. Hastings was very adamant about Spencer not visiting an alleged murderer so why is she all of a sudden representing him? And why is she lying about it? Obviously, they’re going to find out at some point. This, Mrs. Hastings, earns you the title of Pretty Little Liar Of The Week!

Our pool of liars is getting limited since the girls keep owning up to their mistakes. Maybe it will get more interesting as the A-team pulls out new tricks. After all, someone’s dainty hands were spotted at the end buying a bunch of gloves and hoodies. Come back next week for more juicy details!

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