Alexa Vega Is All Grown Up And All About Posing Nude For Instagram-y Artistic Reasons

Remember Alexa Vega, that tween girl child who starred in all 19 of the Spy Kid films. (Remember that time you babysat the worst children in the world and they made you watch the original movie three times in a row or threatened to tell their parents that you hit them? No, only my memory. Awesome.)

Then remember when you didn’t really hear about her for a few years (give or take a few movies and ABC Family shows) and then read somewhere that she got married at 21. Now with Miley Cyrus the 19-year-old -Attention-Grabbing-Liam-Marrying-Extraordinaire in the mix, 21 doesn’t seem so young. But I remember in 2010,  I loudly compared Alexa Vega to a child bride in a crowded bar.

What if someone wanted to make Spy Kids 45? Would her husband hold her back? I feared for her career and the possibility she would give everything up for the man she loved. But alas, she seems to still be a healthy, functioning person. Just a married one.

She’s so healthy and so functioning that she recently did some kind of photo shoot that involved removing her clothes. She shared two of the photos today via her Twitter @AlexaVega. In one she’s clothed and the other she’s not. One says “photo session!” and the other says, “fun shots from a shoot I did.”

I’m not sure if they’re related. I am sure, however, that she looks great in both of them — not to sound like a creepy relative, but she’s blossomed into a woman beautifully. Yes, even in the nude photo. It’s tasteful and artsy and everything I expect from a celebrity on Instagram.

Well done Alexa! That’s how you appropriately use social media to show that you’re all grown up.

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    • Lilly Allen III

      21 is not too young to get married. I hate this new generation that postpones life so much. It’s just unnatural. It’s natural for someone to get married in the early 20s and have children in the late 20s and early 30s. That’s how the biological clock designs things. If you have proper maturity and are deeply in love and are an adult, then you should get married at whatever age you want.

      • Jenni Maier

        Looking back 21 isn’t that young. But at the time I was only 22 and so far from marriage that I just couldn’t believe that she was tying the knot. Also, I still pictured her as a child star from Spy Kid and not as an adult.

      • Roberto

        are you sure that’s not just how your generation was?? kinda strange to say that your generation is the way things are supposed to be. Also if yours is so right…. wasn’t this generation taught that by you guys?? i was always told to wait for a while before i got married.

      • doogansquest

        Well, generations past in America believed in working for their keep and keeping what they earn. They had a good family model, a low separation/divorce rate, and built a society that was more successful than any before it. Kids stayed in school, the test averages were higher, and children graduated at a higher rate (and younger ages) despite a curriculum that was definitively more difficult than the crap taught today.

        Now there’s no reason to be married (because the state will pay to be a woman’s husband). There’s no reason for women and men to have separate roles (because the man will lose every court case, and a company sued for hiring a man before a woman). There’s no reason for kids to obey their parents (because parents will go to jail for punishing a child – even within reason).

        Which generation do you think is/was better? The one that worked hard and had principles, morality, and good family models? Or the one that’s loud, divisive, and full of entitled brats?

      • calciferboheme

        And 100 years ago, women were often married with 5 kids by 21. What is considerd “natural” changes all the time.

    • cody

      i had sex with her it was lucky

      • urfullofcrizzap

        sure you did

      • mason

        the magazine must have been destroyed

    • Cprazzle

      She’s not naked. Look closer

    • Marcus2012

      God damn you’re fucking annoying, OP.

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    • pjbthree

      Where are the nude pictures?