Jennifer Lawrence Looks Way Too Healthy To Even Consider Playing Katniss In Catching Fire

We have a problem. Or I should say Jennifer Lawrence has a problem. Someone snapped photos of The Hunger Games star meeting with her Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence. As someone who’s supposed to be preparing for her role as a tortured hero responsible for inspiring an uprising, she looks far too healthy. She’s practically radiating in these photos.

If she wants to impress critics this time, she’s got to lose this happy-go-lucky glow that’s surrounded her since The Hunger Games broke box office records and launched her into international stardom. Last time reviewers blasted her for her healthy body and her general not-starving look. How could we possibly believe she grew up as a malnourished child in a third world district if she’s not actually malnourished? It’s like hello Jennifer Lawrence, just stop eating. And doing whatever else it is you do to look so happy.

In the next movie Katniss Everdeen must once again go against all the odds and try to survive the impossible. She needs to look ragged, rundown, tired, anemic, lethargic. Like the woman in the allergy commercials before she meets the Nasonex bee. I just don’t think not eating will be enough for this sequel.

After her shocking decision not to look emaciated in The Hunger Games, I think she needs to go all out this time. Perhaps she could spend sometime in an actual third world country. Join a child army.  Spend some time on the front line of a war. Do something that will turn her into the hardened character that Katniss becomes in Catching Fire.

She owes us and she owes Panem and she owes Josh Hutcheron. The guy dyed his hair to play Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games. The least she can do is drop half her body weight.

(Photo: J Lawrence Brasil)

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    • Belle

      First of all, it has been pointed out several times to you that Katniss is pretty much perfectly healthy in Catching Fire, because of her Hunger Games winnings and more food and etc;

      But I’d like to also point out: In The Hunger Games Katniss does clearly point out that she is better off over many of the other children that live in the Seam. I know, Liam did lose a lot of weight to look more like Gale would, but that being said, Jennifer never struck me as looking ‘too healthy’ for Katniss. After 4 years of hunting and surviving I never imagined that Katniss was a bony stick figure as you seem to suggest she should be.

      Finally there is the obvious point that again has already been pointed out: Jennifer, now playing a character for a book with an incredibly huge fanbase, has become a rolemodel for the preteen to late teen female demographic – saying that she should lose weight doesn’t exactly send the right message. Jennifer is a beautiful woman, and she is clearly comfortable with how she looks. Shouldn’t she be praised for feeling this way about her body and laughing off her critics?

    • Kait

      It’s easy for everyone to overlook that fact that this is a joke because some people in society would actually mean this.

    • Ami

      Okay everyone, calm down. It is obviously satire, how do you not see that? I liked it and thought it was funny.

    • Brittany

      guys who are taking this seriously: this is clearly sarcastic.
      it’s mocking the idea that people actually believe she should become sickeningly skinny so she can play katniss. Thank you for pointing out how completely ridiculous that idea is.

      It does also state she ate well, in catching fire, because she hunts. and NOW she lives in the victor’s house so she eats well all the time.

      Plus Jennifer Lawrence IS SKINNY. I’m sorry but I’d rather have someone who portrays Katniss PERFECTLY but has some curve to her than a scary skinny girl who doesn’t look tough enough to be Katniss.
      Jennifer IS the perfect Katniss.

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    • kasljfsklajl

      She did look a little too healthy in the first movie, but in Catching Fire she has enough to eat so she can look healthy. (And as for “Looking too happy” she’s a great ACTress, she can ACT.)

    • Another Steph

      I know this is an old one but seriously, the article was drolly amusing but the comments are effing hilarious!

    • Anonymous

      She doesn’t need to lose weight. She is richer from her winnings and doesn’t have to hunt to survive anymore (plus Peeta gives her family cheese buns every day), so she is not going to be starving.

    • Jen is fine

      Well She had to dye her hair brown too soooo…..that just cancels ou what you said…but what you could’ve said was that Josh is working out a TON and shes not losing weight…….i think shes fine plus wouldn’t it be wierd if all of a sudden shes really skinny in the sequel when just a year ago she was healthy??

    • she’s a good actress

      Finally there’s an actress that doesn’t seem to be half anorexic and you want her to loose weight…seriously? I mean, Katniss won the hunger games, went home, got a huge house for her and her family and eats pretty normally there. (like someone commented, she gets bread from peeta.) And I don’t think that she actually has to be rundown and tired, as long as she acts that way.

    • Your Worst Nightmare >.>

      this is stupid. “Josh dyed his hair, the least she can do is drop half her body weight.” They’re starting to film NOW. Does this person not realize how hard it is to drop HALF her body weight, how TOO unhealthy she would look? She looks radiant because she is radiant. Katniss is described as being radiant because of her stylists, and her stylists visit her quite often. so gtfoutta here. -__________-

    • Seriously?

      People, this is obviously satire. The author of this post is in no way serious about any of those comments. Jen was chastised for her weight, which was silly seeing as she’s an incredibly attractive/healthy young girl. (More people should look up to that body type rather than stick thin celebrities) This article was poking fun at the critics who made those comments. Jeez, learn to recognize sarcasm.

    • bobboberson12

      Whether the article is serious or not, there’s lots of people who continue to say this who ARE serious. I’d like to point out that, if you read the book and actually focused on something other than “OMG I WISH I HAD PEETA IN MY LIFE!!!”, you’d recall that Katniss is never once described as starving, or emaciated EXCEPT in the flashback to the rainy day when she is given bread. From that day on she adapts and becomes actually VERY capable at feeding herself and her family, often having excess food to sell. She isn’t starving, hungry, or malnourished. As a matter of fact, it would logically make sense for the character to have a bit of extra weight.

      There’s nothing about Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Katniss in the first film that is off from the character visually, and there’s nothing about her now that a little dirty makeup will fix for “Catching Fire”

    • j

      so many of your readers cannot read sarcasm sad.

      • jessica

        Totes man or WOman

    • M

      I’ve read many articules about Jen and her body bla bla..

      This is stupid! Sorry, but Jen did an amazing job , I am a little agree about how would they look if they are starving and stuff, but with all the talented she showed it’s enough!

      • M

        Sorry, but Im not clear enought in my comment ^^

        I know about the sarcasm of this post, I just wanted to express that I am tired of the bad comments the people say about her.

    • jessica

      GURL!!!! Stop hatin! this chick is so gorgous!!!! LIke DAMN!! BY the way I am Gay

    • kat

      not sure if this is sarcastic or not but either way jennifer lawrence is literally perfect and so talented so pipe the fuck down.

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