Andy Samberg’s First Post-SNL Gig Sounds Like An SNL Skit

Andy Samberg Cuckoo hippie gap year UK SNL skit Ras TrentNot two weeks after confirming that he’s leaving Saturday Night Live, Andy Samberg has already signed on for a new TV project. And sure, we should have seen this coming, but it’s still difficult to process. Mostly because we assumed he’d pursue more Lonely Island-related projects, and instead it just sounds like he’s taken a failed SNL sketch and stretched it into nine half-hour episodes.

Andy’s new sitcom is called Cuckoo; he’ll play the titular hippie who impulsively marries a British girl (Tamla Kari, from the UK Being Human) during her “gap year” between high school and college. But when he meets her parents, they’re understandably underwhelmed by this “self-appointed ninja and slacker with New Age ideas.” Seriously, this sounds like something we’d watch Andy do at 11:30 on a Saturday night, for three minutes and laugh a little bit. I don’t know if they can extend it for an entire series.

Also, he’s done it before—remember Ras Trent?

Not even the quote from Cuckoo‘s executive producer made me feel any better: ”The best of British meets the toast of Hollywood. We hope Cuckoo cements the special relationship between our two great countries. I imagine Obama and [British Prime Minister David] Cameron will be watching closely.” Maybe if Fred Armisen is playing Obama.

Photo: Danny Moloshok/AP

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