Real Housewives of New Jersey Tabloid Trauma: Teresa Giudice Once Again Makes Everything About Her

Caroline (the most rational and amazing woman ever, if I do say so myself) questions this whole article from the start. Why didn’t Teresa come and say something to everyone about the article? Why wasn’t anyone given a heads up that she was going to be on the FREAKING cover of In Touch? Caroline calls Teresa “the worst kind of coward” and the “worst kind of person”. She doesn’t even want to start a conversation with her about the hurtful article because every time she tries to start a conversation with her about anything that is hurtful, it’s all for naught because Teresa is just oblivious.

Teresa is very good at playing victim and being clueless to whom she offends (even though she knows), but this time things are just getting taken into a whole new direction. I can’t imagine how one would handle being called out in a huge publication and insulted in a tabloid, but Jacqueline finally calls her out. She asks her what the deal is and why she did this.

Teresa kind of plays it off like she is trying to “clear up rumors” about things that have been spreading around about her life. Everyone else just assumes she is going crazy. I do not disagree with anyone in the Housewives of New Jersey who thinks Teresa is just going cray-cray. She has let the fame go to her head and she will grab any opportunity to be on the cover of anything, whether the content inside is true or false. This is all very sad. I wish Teresa the best and hope that she can figure out how to mend the relationship she has completely tarnished with her family and still provide financially for her children and husband. How can you believe this woman when she is telling you one thing and telling some huge tabloid publication something else? Only time will tell, I guess.

Everyone decides to ignore the issues surrounding this terrible tabloid article (totally planned and conceived by Teresa) to enjoy the marriage of Caroline’s brother, Jaime  Laurita, and his partner, Rich Lane. (Can I say who much I loved this?) Civil unions for the win! Legally recognized! Can I get an AMEN!? My sister is gay, so when Caroline went on and on about how proud she was of her brother for coming out and finding someone to spend his life with, I cried for days. It hits home, people, but I digress.

I guess that I just wonder how anyone can keep their cool when they know that their picture (and not a flattering picture) and “quotes” are in this magazine along with a long, dragged out story of how Teresa is poor and people are supposed to sympathize with her issues. I guess when you live in the reality show business, anything goes.

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    • Rachel

      I’d have a lot more respect for Caroline if she quit the show. She talks a big game about hating drama but keeps signing up for more of it. If she really wanted to get away from Theresa, she wouldn’t keep signing up for more seasons.

      • Kelsey Manning

        I totally agree! The first season I loved her (and I still like her, and obviously am obsessed with her children), but now it’s like ehh…you’re still putting yourself in this situation. I don’t really like Dina but at least she walked the walk

    • housewives fan

      1. I really don’t think Teresa is PLAYing dumb – I think she truly IS that dumb – intellectually/intelligance-wise AND just plain ignorant (i.e. culturally, tolerance-wise, etc.) – a VERY dangerous combo!
      2. I agree w/you regarding Bravo only showing the Chicago “landmarks” – I think they feel like they have to do that to show the regular audience where they are shooting geographically (some of whom, unfortunately, may never have been outside of their hometown/state), and finally
      3. The funniest thing (in a sad way) I think is that during the SAME episode where they discuss Teresa posing on the mag cover with a DOG, she goes on ad infinitum (not to mention ad nauseam!) about how scared she is of dogs!! It is just another illustration of how fake and ridiculous (not to mention contradictory/hypocritical!!) she really is – and, even sadder, doesn’t seem to realize it!!….She doesn’t even OWN a dog!!
      UGH! I wish they would just boot her/them off of the show – it’s not even funny to watch anymore – at all! It has now just become sad and pathetic; it is particularly upsetting to observe the deeply troubled relationship between Teresa and Joe rapidly unravel (especially knowing that their kids are seeing/hearing these interactions as well). Their arguments, compounded with Joe’s legal troubles – as well their financial/bankruptcy issues, it would seem to be a good time to call it quits as far as being on the show. The whole country does not need to bear witness as they make [further] spectacles of themselves, including,- and especially – their 4 adorable kids; they deserve much better. It’s actually shocking that they (Teresa and Joe’s children) are – at least seemingly – so well-adjusted…although for how much longer, we shall see!! :(