In Honor Of Real Housewives Of New Jersey Tonight, We Stalked Ashlee Holmes’ Facebook Page For You

Before we jump into the excitement that is Ashlee Holmes‘ (formerly Ashley Holmes) Facebook page, let me explain how this idea to Facebook stalk her on behalf of all of us even happened.

I have a weird fascination with the children of Real Housewives of [Insert Your Favorite City Here]. I don’t know exactly what it is that makes me want to watch how these kids deal with their insane mothers more than the actual insane mothers, but I do. The offspring of these women prove to have issues (emotionally, physically, psychologically, etc.) because of the way they were raised (probably not the best, let’s be real) and how unstable their mothers (and fathers for that matter) are. From Milania Giudice to Brianna Gunvalson to Albie Manzo (I burn, I pine, I perish…), these kids have brought something different and new to the Housewives series and made their mark.

While I respect and admire many of these kids, there are a few I have a bone to pick with. Some of these kids are so disrespectful and mean to their parents (ON TV), I want to jump inside the TV and be like, “Yo, stop being such an asshole to the person who carried you in their womb for 9 months!”

The main target of this bone-picking is the one and only, Ashlee Holmes. Ashlee is the daughter of Jaqueline Laurita–the sweet but naive housewife from New Jersey. For multiple seasons, we have watched these two go at it. Ashlee always seemed defiant and bratty to her mother who probably did the best she could raising her (She was 20 years old) and finds herself in shambles every week because Ashlee is the worst daughter ever. She eventually ships her off to Las Vegas to go live with relatives and get her life together.

I recently stumbled upon Ashlee’s Facebook page which proves to be quite the treasure trove. As I scanned through (creeped like the expert creeper I am), I was so angry that such a beautiful girl (I am not going to sit here and say she’s not gorgeous, she is.) could be so vapid and shallow and undeservingly privileged because her mom is on a reality TV show. Over the past 4 seasons, Ashlee has never redeemed herself and shown the world that she is actually a good person deep down.

And let me tell you, her Facebook page doesn’t do that either. If you like having people’s mushy gushy relationships being thrusted in your face, then you’ll just love Ashlee’s Facebook. Check out the gallery below to see the best (or worst) of Ashlee Holmes’ Facebook page.

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    • Kimberly @ Twen-Teen

      Ugh, I really cannot stand her. I don’t get why she couldn’t just suck it up and get a job or go to school while living at home. How does she make enough to live on/pay for cosmetic surgery as a blogger?

      And WHY was she invited to the MTV Movie Awards? Although there were several other guests of questionable levels of celebrity in attendance as well.