Jennifer Aniston Parodies Her Empty Womb For A New Smartwater Campaign

I can never decide how I feel toward Jennifer Aniston. On one hand she stars in Object of my Affection, one my favorite movies  that I always watch whenever it’s on —  but always claim I’m watching because “there’s nothing else on.” (To everyone I’ve ever told that to, I’m sorry, I lied, There’s always something else on. I just love this movie. Let’s blame it on Paul Rudd.)

But on the other hand (remember, we’re working with two hands here), she annoys me with her insistence on feeding into the media’s idea of her as a broken, baby-less spinster still waiting to get her claws back into Brad Pitt.

On the third hand (tricked you, we’re actually working with THREE hands), I loved her performance in the new web series Burning Love and it reminded me that she’s a pretty good comedic actress.

And now on the fourth and final hand, I recieve this news about her teaming up with Smartwater and Justin Therox to produce a short movie poking fun at the  fact the media always claiming she’s getting married or having a baby. I’m more confused than ever.

Is this her being funny and finally taking control over how she’s portrayed in the media? Or is this her doing her usual schtick of “look at me and my lonely life!”

I don’t know and that bothers me. I always know how I feel about meaningless celebrity news. My opinion on things that most people don’t care about (the rise of Carly Rae Jepsen in relation to her Canadian heritage) is how I make 90% of my small talk. So trust me when I say this story is really bugging me.

Help me decide how I feel by telling me in the comments if you think this is Jennifer being funny or Jennifer being pathetic. I need an opinion by tonight so I can appropriately harass everyone with my thoughts on Jennifer Aniston during happy hour tonight.


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    • gnatcar

      I was surprised that you blamed Aniston for the way that tabloids portray her…as if she can control the headlines they write. Seems a bit like blaming a rape victim for her own assault.

      She is obviously taking a bad situation and making the best of it. Instead of questioning whether or not she is pathetic or taking control…you should be questioning why our society is so sick that we have given the tabloid media so much power. Why are we so empty in our own lives that we would not only let paps get away with stocking entire families–just so we can read made-up stories (like this one) about people we don’t really know–but also support them by buying their crap?

      You reporting that she is doing this project and giving your ‘blogger’ opinion about it…that would be fun and harmless. But, what you are doing here is just as bad as what tabloid magazines do: stirring up fake drama for profit (minus the hiding in the bushes with a camera thing).

    • gnatcar

      And she’s not “parodying her empty womb.” She is making fun of the tabloid media’s obsession with her unconcern for motherhood. You have obviously read far too many tabloids, instead of listening to the actual words spoken by the actress.

      According to Aniston, she feels fairly neutral about becoming a mother. There is nothing wrong with that. Women have value beyond their reproductive abilities. Your “empty womb” headline makes it sound like Aniston is concerned about the state of her womb. She is not. This manufactured story is kept alive by people like you.

    • Eileen

      On the one hand, this is kind of funny. On the other hand, it’s for a Smartwater campaign, and I hate both the bottled water industry and Jennifer Aniston’s past Smartwater ads. And on the third hand, I’ve always thought she was a very mediocre actress who was good on Friends and nothing else.

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