Did Natalie Portman Model For A German Passport Photo Ad?

Last night, while taking a walk around my Berlin neighborhood, I saw something that made me do a double-take. Clear as day, staring back at me from an illuminated sign outside a passport photo place, was the face of a young Natalie Portman, or at least someone who looks just like her.

Here’s a zoomed out picture of the sign:

According to Google translate, the sign advertises:

Wedding Album

Poster Service

Video & Imaging

Pass & CV Pictures

Digital Recording Studio

Album – Pictures – Frames


Action Posters

Is it possible that Ms. Portman did a bit of stock photo modeling before she made it big, and is therefore destined to pop up in random ads all over the world for the rest of time? What will she sell next, Mexican corn snacks? Did they tell her to take that weird little piece of hair of out her ponytail, or did she do it herself? Most importantly, what’s an “action poster” and how do I make one? I’m assuming it’s some sort of advanced German technology that we don’t have in the US, but I will stop by to investigate next time I go out.

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