Check Out The Motion-Capture Suit Mark Ruffalo Had To Deal With To Play The Hulk In The Avengers

Mark Ruffalo The Hulk The Avengers motion-capture suit video special effects

Part of what made Mark Ruffalo such a success as the Hulk in The Avengers was that the two Hulks who came before him were utter failures. Eric Bana‘s CGI monstrosity was horribly cheesy, and Edward Norton clashed with Marvel. So when it came time for Joss Whedon to take a stab at assembling these superheroes into one action-packed epic, Ruffalo brought the necessary gravitas… and the special effects team made sure that his Hulk looked terrifying but also like what a man swelled beyond his normal size and inhibitions looks like.

This behind-the-scenes video is short but so illuminating about the various methods used to turn Ruffalo into the hulk: In addition to the kinda embarrassing motion-capture suit, there were also molds made of specific parts of the Hulk’s body. It’s adorable to see Ruffalo goofing around with his Hulk doppelganger in front of the camera, and it’s equally cool to watch Thor (Chris Hemsworth) battle one giant Hulk fist.

Photo: Ace Showbiz

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