Real Live Jonas Brothers Fans Respond To Offensive Jonas Brothers Article Published On Crushable

[On Tuesday, Jenni Maier wrote a blog about Joe Jonas attempting to cash in on One Direction's fame by talking about them during an interview with Ryan Seacrest. Within hours the post amassed 267 tweets and 96 comments. After seeing that many of the comments critiqued Jenni for carelessly dismissing the Jonas Brothers, she invited fans to write a response post. Here's the first one from Jonas Brothers superfans. You can read the second response right here. ]

In a world where new always attempts to cast a lingering, dark shadow over the old, young people are always considering various ways to stay ahead of the newest trends in electronic gadgets, clothing and music. Especially music.

Non-traditional and easily-influenced young minds flock from band to band as they hear new songs  from ‘sensational’ music groups, I’m of course talking about youthful boy bands and their dedicated female fans. Much like the common grackle, these fans are quick to flock by the millions to what they believe to be “the next big thing.”

As all of this is occurring, one question comes to mind: since when did raw, unparalleled talent come with an expiration date? When has it become socially acceptable to strip all passion and support for an artist? Especially one whom used to plaster our walls, sing us through hardships and make us believe in the meaning of music again. To, in one split-second decision, regard the artist whom you grew up with as a disposable talent.

Many journalists and media representatives today will tell you that our boys Kevin Jonas (24), Joe Jonas (22), and Nick  Jonas(19), are quickly losing their glimmer to other bands like the newly-discovered UK group One Direction, but this is simply not the case.

Let my sisters and I take a moment to share with you a glimpse into the enormous success of the Jonas Brothers, including, but not limited to: the creation of six studio albums (one, “A Little Bit Longer” peaked at the number one spot on the charts for 232 weeks), the fact they frequently sell out at Madison Square Garden in under 10 minutes, the publishing of their own book, a Grammy Nomination, a 3D concert film, two world tours and numerous performances with musical legends such as Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.

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    • JonasGuitarHero

      Wow! This is soooo good! DeVore Sisters?! You ROCK!

      You can’t even compare 1D to the Jonas Brothers. They are in two different parts of their musical careers right now.

    • vrj

      jonatics or directioners — no point in fighting here! we all know whether it os one D or JoBros they are talented abd proffessional guys who don’t care about this lame article or its writer. so why give her so much importance and even read this crap!!,?? as said above talent is talent! u cannot give importance to one by bringing the other one down!
      so lets not waste our time here, I’m sure we all have more important things in our lives than Jenni

      • vrj

        just a little clarification — all my comments are against the original article posted by the writer JENNI and not against the response made by the Jonas fans. I loved the responses! kudos to both the responses

    • Sarah

      If there is one thing I need to say regarding this response, it is “bravo.” Definitely one of the most beautifully written retorts to an article I’ve seen from a fan. I’ve been a Jonas Brothers fan since before their glory days, since the trio grew up only a few towns over from me, I was alway seeing them handing out copies of their first album in the mall and them playing at local venues- impossible to dislike the three charming brothers! That was when I was just shy of entering high school and at the beginning of my high school career. Now, here I am, going onto be a sophomore in college, and still just as much of a supporter and fan of the Jonas Brothers as I have been since I was a Freshman in high school. Maybe their career has hit its peak, maybe they will take the world by storm, no one will really know until the three of them do something together again. But, as a long time Jonas fan, I can say that there is no stopping us. While the world may think the Jonas Brothers have gone irrelevant, the fans will prove otherwise. Oh, also, I’m a big One Direction fan! I saw them in concert a few weeks ago, I think their music is fun and catchy, all five boys are talented and attractive, and I think they have a lot going for them. So it’s ridiculous to assume the two fandoms cannot coexist. Anyway, beautiful response. I agree with these sisters 100%.

      • Taurie

        I agree 100%! I’ve been a Jonas fan for almost 6 years and they have helped me through so much, but I also love One Direction! Whenever I’m having a rough day, I can go watch their videos and they make me smile (: So whoever said that you can’t be a Jonas Brother and One Direction fan at the same time is stupid because I know plenty of people who are fan of both. They’re both amazingly talented and I wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors! (:

    • viola

      Ok lets deal with the facts here for a minute.Yes the jonas brothers have lost some fans but to be honest,I’m glad they have.Those fans that went to admire justin bieber and one direction now are stupid fangirls who are so annoying.They never really loved the jonas brothers,they only liked them cause of their look and knew like 3 songs of them and they loved to argue with jb haters just like the fans of justin bieber and 1D now.But the jonas brothers still have a massive fanbase all around the world and Jonas fans were so pissed by that article about how “Joe said he is better than 1D” when sweet Joe was only giving advice for them how to deal with these “teen sensation’ fame they have now cause he went through the same thing.I personally love 1 direction and I am a fan But The Jonas Brothers will always be my favorite band I love their music wich they write themself its so amazing before saying anything bad about them listen to their songs first

      • jonas fan

        shut up vilola the jonas brothers have not lost some fans vilola you suck what ever your name you suck you suck all of you people suck on here go shit your pants

    • Amanda

      Thank you, for writing such a kind, thoughtful, and well put together article. I for one, am a huge Jonas Brothers fan, and have been one since 2007. I appreciate seeing others, who are devote fans of them, especially fans of their music and their passion for music. I believe that Jonas Brothers Fans, are the best fans in the world and will always stick together and support these fine gentlemen. I do have to agree that 2012 is the year of the Jonas Brothers! Thank you, and god bless.

    • YesNoMaybe

      At least the Jonas brothers write their own “shit” [unlike 1D]

    • Lauren

      Wow, I didn’t even know the Jonas Brothers had a fan base… If you said you were Jonas brother fan over here in New Zealand you would probably have to explain who they are. I only know of them because of that show they were on camp rock. I don’t even know one song by them. But hey you learn something new everyday!

    • Alex

      I couldn’t say it better!! Best article ever.

    • Jasmine

      Thank you for this.

    • Aria

      This is why JONAS BROTHERS are THE BEST!!!

    • Mayra

      I couldn’t say it better!. The Jonas Brothers are more than just a band and the real Jonas Fans know it. They think that we just love them for their appearances and that’s NOT TRUE. We love them for who they are but if they don’t understand it I don’t really care. I will always support the jonas brothers ’cause I will always be a Jonas Fan.

      I loved the article. Good job!

    • Beverly

      This is an AMAZING article! Pretty much summed up EVERYTHING I’ve felt and still feel for the JB. I’m not obsessed with them like i used to be but i still love them so much and nothing will ever change that. One Direction is simply amazing but NO band can beat the Jonas Brothers and that is the truth. They’re not just AMAZINGLY talented, but also (as mentioned here) absolute gentlemen, passionate and wonderful human beings! Some people may think it weird to say such things about them when we don’t even know them in person, but that’s exactly how the JB present themselves and it’s so clear from the way they act and behave with and around people.

      Once you’re a Jonas Brothers fan, you’ll always remain a Jonas Brothers fan. If not, then you never were one in the first place.

      CANNOT wait to hear their new album!!!!!!! :D :D

      JB 4 ever :)

    • Sam

      I 110% agree with the article! Especially with the fact that the Jonas Brothers are in a completely different league in their career than that of 1D. While I think 1D is cute and their songs are catchy, they’re currently enjoying the hype of their newfound popularity, while the Jonas Brothers have already surpassed the same kind of experience 1D is currently having. Musically and professionally, the Jonas Brothers are much more mature than 1D, not only because they’ve been in the business longer, but also based on the accomplishments they have had, which contrary to popular belief, does not only end with Teen Choice Awards. This is totally not a case of the Jonas Brothers being “has-beens”, because this phase is about them finding themselves individually before they come back together to truly grow and produce a different and more solid sound than that of the past years in order to cater to their fans because yes, just like them, the fans have GROWN UP– most of us are in college already and have gone past the hyena fangirl phase. They may not be this year’s no.1 “it boys”, but there’s no denying their talent and charisma, because they still enjoy a solid fan base and have set the precedent for boyband success!

      Justin Bieber might have been phenomenal, but JB will always be the “Jonas Brothers” for older fans, and if it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t have had the standard to look up to or beat.

    • Inka

      Ladies and gentelman this is the most flawless and true article written about 3 Jersey guys living the dream… The boys have worked hard on their success and comparing them to one direction who had pretty much everything done for them is not only not fair but pointless… The Jonas Brothers will be back.. sooner than you think… FORWARD.TOGTHER.2012

    • jonaslover17

      This has to be the best article about the Jonas Brothers that has been written! I agree with every single word you saaay! I have to admit i do like One Direction but not as much as I love Jonas Brothers and i will never have an equal love for both of them. How can i have an equal love for both of them if i’ve i known the Jonas Brothers since 2007 and i just found One Direction last year? Jonas Brothers will always be my number 1. One Direction might be enjoying the limelight today but some point in time another boy band will rise and some of their fans will leave them, which we don’t have to lie, happened to the Jonas Brothers. That’s the cycle of boy band in the industry and that we have to accept. But if you’re a true fan, you would definitely support them till the end of the time like what i’m doing right now with the Jonas Brothers. I love them. And no matter what people say they will always be better than One Direction. I have to admit i only love one direction because they’re attractive and their catchy songs but personally and musically, they haven’t done any to me unlike the Jonas Brothers. Jonas Brothers are Legends and i don’t care if One Direction or any other boybands has now more fans than the Jonas Brothers right now, Who actually needs them when the Jonas Brothers have the most loyal and dedicated fans in the world! :D

    • DeVoreSisters

      Good evening everyone,

      We have been requested by the blog editor, Jenni Maier, to post a response to you all on this article. We apologize for not getting back to you all sooner, as our email inbox and twitter page were inundated with wonderful responses regarding our article. We can’t thank the Jonas fans enough for their overwhelming response to this article. Thanks to your dedication and willingness to read our personal thoughts, this article has made it on OceanUP and it has reached across the globe to Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, the UK, the Philippines, Iran, India, Australia and several other places that would take simply too long to name in this statement!! We are continually amazed every day by the sheer power that is the Jonas fan base. Although we may have written the article, this wouldn’t have been possible without the help, guidance and assistance of Miss Jenni Maier and Crushable as well as the Jonas fans. We feel truly humbled that so many individuals would take the time out of their busy schedules to read our personal thoughts. This is mind-boggling to us, as we are just like you all: normal women who support and love the Jonas Brothers. You all have been so great and we feel very blessed to get to know each of you. We would personally love to meet every one of you if we could and have been trying our best to individually thank all of you for your tireless hours of tweeting, FaceBook likes and comments to get this out there. If you would like, our twitter page is located at to learn more about us, and if you really want you can follow us or contact us there if you so wish. You will want to read our twitlongers addressing the rumors about this article as well as our twitlonger to you, the fans. A thousand words cannot express the joy and happiness we feel in our hearts that this article was so positively received by everyone.

      Love, Blessings and Best Wishes,

      Your friends and fellow fans,

      The DeVore Sisters
      Jennifer, Lauren and Brooke

      • Angela

        Wow Jennifer, Lauren and Brooke amazing response I since 2005 when Jonas came into my lif was toresc of hearing about sex and drugs everytime I flipped the channel at 14 not something you want to hear it was love at first sight for me their voice their looks made me a fan as time went on I learned every detail fell more in love by day and as I was scared to tell people but I finally told my everyone yes I was bullied and I am to this day Jonas have their flaws but they are also the perfect gentlemen in my eyes their voice are Angels they helped through breakup embracing the self esteem when people can’t accept your different I’m still a dedicated fan look at their twitter and instagram constantly it simple I adore them these rumors people make up or share are a laugh because we know our boys And they only make us stronger and thanks again girls your inspiration and love you have for Kevin nick joe Is beyond amazing it’s what we need to have

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    • Humi Lovez To Eat

      you go girl! your response wàsnt stupid and girly with no relevant points whatsoever. and you actually spoke out what most of us JB fans think. They are loved for their music and TALENT. the bands of today are different from before so can NOT be compared. hope people realise that again. :)

    • Nicole Brandt

      i did it