Don’t Let Fifty Shades Of Grey Ruin All Erotic Fanfiction For You! Here Are 5 Fics That Don’t Suck

Circles around me by pleasebekidding (The Vampire Diaries, Damon/Alaric)

Here’s another pairing that TV audiences used fanfiction to make happen: Vampire Damon Salvatore and vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman. It’s a star-crossed-lovers kind of thing, and this fic also addresses the major changes that took place when season 3 of TVD ended a few weeks ago. So if you don’t want to be spoiled, stay away. But diehard fans will appreciate this different take on Damon’s grief at the end of the season.

I can’t say much else without spoiling, but this is another fic that masterfully weaves the sex in with other emotions, as well as the trivialities of daily life. Plus, let’s just say that it takes a plotline that Grey’s Anatomy tried to make happen and actually makes it somewhat believable.

Eden Sank To Grief by shutterbug_12 (House, House/Stacy)

Part of what I find so ponderous about Fifty Shades is how long it is: No one needs 400 pages that don’t even really delve into Christian’s psychoses. But this twelve-chapter fanfic is the perfect length to give you a complete portrait of House and Stacy’s, which fractures years before the show even starts. I was lucky enough to be involved in the House fandom while shutterbug_12 was actively updating this project. Really, I wish she could change the names and situations and publish it as a novella, it’s that gutwrenching of a journey.

What I’ve really endeavored with these recommendations is to share fanfics that aren’t just sex scenes strung together, as Fifty Shades falls victim to. With Eden Sank To Grief – which takes its title from a Robert Frost poem — you go whole chapters without any sexytimes, which only makes the NC-17 scenes later all the more powerful. Plus, because this spans several years and monumental moments in House and Stacy’s relationship, the sex runs the gamut from sweet to fun to angry.

The Submissive, The Dominant, and The Training by tara sue me (Twilight, Edward/Bella)

It’s only fitting that I round out this list by recommending an erotic Twilight fanfic that’s actually well-written. I know, I was hesitant that such a thing even existed, but the recommendation comes from a Twihard who’s been within the fandom for some time. As this fan explained, tara sue me’s trilogy is considered some of the best-written Twilight fic and was a big influence for Snowqueens Icedragon. Although from the first chapter of The Submissive it’s clear that Bella knows exactly what Edward’s lifestyle entails, I’ll venture to say there are several similarities in structure between this story (published in 2009) and the fic that would become Fifty Shades of Grey.

I’ve linked to the other two parts of the trilogy as well: The Dominant, which is The Submissive from Edward’s point of view; and The Training, in which “Edward and Bella embark on their new relationship, but who’s training whom?” And thankfully, there’s no annoying “inner goddess” to sidetrack the story.

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    • Uncle_Walter_Covers

      The best fanfiction I’ve encountered so far? The stories written by this author:
      (other works can be found here:
      Yes, her stories are Avengers (and a Sherlock) fan fiction. Yes, Iron Man and Captain America are the pairing. But she throws in completely original story-lines (as opposed to just simply retelling the movie but throwing in gay sex) and hilarious original characters. Not a lot of smut, no, but they’re written well enough that you actually don’t care. If a person can make you have an emotional attachment to a giant robotic arm through their writing? Then they’re talented.

    • Todd
    • KrisD

      I always thought I was a weird preteen because I would read the “M” rated fanfics. I thought surely no one else was learning about sex and relationships that way, I am so happy to hear I’m not alone. We did not talk about sex in my house growing up and I contribute a lot of my ability to be a confident, sexual woman now to the time I spent reading when I was younger. Looming back now, a lot of the stories were terrible and I have moved on to actual books (not that I don’t indulge once in a while)