Ellen Page And Alexander Skarsgard Wear Matching Shoes, Might Be Dating

New couple alert! Ellen Page, of quirky indie fame, and Alexander Skarsgard, Swedish beefcake, were spotted attending the Stanley Cup final together in Los Angeles yesterday. Additionally, they were wearing matching shoes. Why don’t you just strip down and penetrate each other in the middle of the ice while you’re at it, guys?

According to The Daily Mail, the two “kept their distance when photographers spotted them outside the venue,” which further proves that they were harboring a sexy secret…or at least pretending to.

Hear me out: a fake-lationship between these two would be mutually beneficial, because it would squash rumors that Ellen Page is a lesbian (a type of rumor which for some reason is still seen as harmful by many in the movie biz), while at the same time making A-Skars look cool for choosing to date a young Janeane Garafolo over, like, Bar Refaeli. She would be a hero to tomboys everywhere, and he would look like he’s not just another Hollywood asshole. Win win!

Or, you know, they could just have become friends after spending many hours each day together shooting their new film The East, and happen to own the same pair of commonly purchased Converse sneakers. But that would be too simple and logical.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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    • emily

      Well Well Well . I love Ellen so if they are . I am happy for them ..Matching shoes love it . Then to Chateau Marmont Maybe something is there.

    • Amy

      The only thing I can focus on is her trucker hat. Why for art thou a trucker hat?

    • Lala

      Love all the pics! I they they are friends not a couple.

    • Meghan Radespiel

      I think they are filming a new movie together, dating or not dating–them hanging out is still pretty darn cute!

    • Emily

      Ellen Page is naturally gorgeous, funny and talented. He’d be lucky to have her!!!! I don’t really see her as a young J.G. at all…she doesn’t have the same chip on the shoulder demeanor.

    • lol

      People need a life

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