Your Comprehensive Guide To All The Fifty Shades Of Grey Casting Rumors

Another day, another rumor about who’s being considered for the movie adaptation of E.L. James‘ erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s almost as compelling as the breathless race to see who will play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire! Now that I’m about 4/5ths through this book, I can better follow along with the familiar names cropping up.

Google and Tumblr searches brought up these faces: Dazzling young ladies slowly transitioning into more adult roles, and strapping older men we would let take us over their knee. I did my best to find actors and actresses who had actually addressed these rumors, and not just fan favorites.

Anastasia Steele

Lucy Hale Anastasia Steele Fifty Shades of Grey casting

Lucy Hale: Lucy is the most recent contender, having chatted to Celebuzz at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.

“I just finished the first [book]—I’m speechless. I think every girl on the carpet wants to play [Ana]! That would be freaking awesome. I’m really curious to see how they’re going to turn it into a film.”

I seriously love this dream casting. With the past two seasons of Pretty Little Liars, Lucy has shown us that she can explore dark themes while still keeping up the sweet, innocent persona. I was always struck by Aria’s plotline of sneaking around with teacher Ezra in season 1; even alongside all the murder, maiming, and bitchy text messages, it seemed very adult.

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Dakota Fanning Anastasia Steele Fifty Shades of Grey casting

Dakota Fanning: Dakota was the first actress we heard who was being considered for the part—and by the film’s director Sunday Boling, no less! Jenni was seriously disturbed by the thought of this young woman we’ve grown up with getting into BDSM on-screen, but I could sort of see it, especially since she’s taking on a darker and more sexual role in the teen-with-cancer drama Now Is Good. Except that she already has way more self-esteem than Ana does.

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Nina Dobrev Anastasia Steele Fifty Shades of Grey casting

Nina Dobrev: I initially suggested the Vampire Diaries star when talking about how her boyfriend Ian Somerhalder should play Christian, but it turns out she’s actually been interviewed about it. Granted, she was the most noncommittal of the group, saying only, “All I’ve heard is that it’s very scandalous, to say the least. I haven’t read it, but who knows? I mean, well, I guess we’ll have to see.” That’s polite actor speak for Not a chance.

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Ashley Benson Anastasia Steele Fifty Shades of Grey casting rumors

Ashley Benson: Yep, fans are pulling from Pretty Little Liars yet again, this time highlighting the sly Ashley. She’s also straddling that line between age groups, starring in Spring Breakers as a bikini-clad bank robber. “I’ve read every book,” Ashley told Celebuzz. “I want to play Anastasia.” However, the blonde hair seems to put people off, as I’m sure it does with Dakota. Remember that because Anastasia is based on Bella Swan, she’s a brunette; to that end, fans seem to envision Ashley more as Ana’s best friend Kate. To which she said, “Kate is awesome. I like all the characters, but Anastasia? I love her so much!” We’ll see if Ashley gets what she wants.

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    • traci

      I am on the Ian Somerhalder boat for Christian! that is kinda what i have him pictured as in my mind! lol

    • Kelsey Manning

      Dakota Fanning doing this would deeply disturb me

    • Deanna smith

      Goofle Henry Cavill! He is perfect for the role of Christian and if you’ve ever watched the Tudors he has the attitude when it’s needed and he had some pretty steamy sex scenes in that show!

    • Ruxandra

      Ian Somerhalder as Christian, YES!
      Nina Dobrev or any of these actresses as Ana, NO WAY!Sorry, I love Nina, Ashley and Lucy are so cute…but sorry again, Anastasia Steele doesn’t fit to any of that girls.
      @Kelsey Manning: I agree with you so much.

      • Ruxandra

        these girls* oops, sorry.

    • Flora

      What about Channing Tatum as Christian Grey???? The guy use to be a model…he has the looks and the body….
      And….what about Alexis Bledel as Ana??? She has the blue eyes, dark hair and fair skin….

      • L

        Alexis would have been my #1 choice for Bella!!

    • Sarah

      I could see Armie Hammer as Christian… Very tall, broad shoulders, deep voice, copper hair… MMMMM

      • Sarah

        I also like:
        Alexis Bledel as Ana
        Blake Lively as Kate
        Charlize Theron as Mrs Robinson!

    • takaju

      ian somerhalder and willa

    • Kim

      My dream casting of “known” actors/actresses would be

      Alex Pettyfer as Christian


      Michelle Trachtenberg as Anastasia

      • flora

        Michelle Trachtenberg was my second choice after Alexis Bledel…
        But Alex Pettyfer …sorry disagree …had him in the role of the brother (as in Christian’s brother) he’s blond as described.

    • Gloria

      I also think Alex Pettyfer would be great as Christian Grey.

    • kris

      LYNDSY FONSECA should be cast as Ana!!!
      And HENRY CAVILL as Grey!!

      • melanie

        I think that too!!!

    • Julie

      My dream casting of actors/actresses would be :

      Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey
      Ashley Benson or Lucy Hale or Selena Gomez as Ana
      Blake Lively as Kate

    • kam

      hello…MATT BOMER for Grey….
      and Emelia Clarke for Ana :)

    • steph

      My vision of christian grey is totally Joseph Morgan (AKA Klaus) from the vampire diaries. he is young and very HOTT, not to mention when he plays Klaus he is a very vindictive but yet deep down apparently a hopeless romantic, towards Caroline anyway. Ian Somerhalder could, because he would be kinda the same person he is in TVD, but thats what i would see when i watched the movie. i wouldnt think Christian Grey i would think Damon Salvatores kinky love diaries ;)
      As for playing Ana, i just honestly cant really picture anyone. the way she was described in the book was to “all over the place” to really get a good visual of her i guess. and i’ve heard that from a few people.

    • Ella

      Okay….went to see Magic Mike tonight…NO WAY Matt Bomer! Henry Cavill is So Christian!

    • winnie

      I think Lyndsy Fonseca could be a perfect Anastasia! His physical appearance is perfect (blue eyes, brown hair ..) but her sweet and determined appearance… Nikita fans can understand me; D For Christian… Matt Bomer absolutely perfect for Christian! His elegance in walking, his style and the fact that it is absolutely attractive … is not what we’re talking about? ;D

    • katherine

      I think Ian of the vampire diaries is a very very good choice! He has the looks of christian grey even his dark sides, very perfect for the role,his the only one I aam seeing as christian grey, and if they will cast him I am so sure the film would be greater, any anastacia steel will do, a younger one because she is just 21 years old not good if nina will play it because she looks older than ana.,

    • melanie

      I think the perfect choice would be Lyndsy Fonseca as Ana and Henry Cavill as Christian.

      • nataliecrush

        Ooooh, I approve! I definitely want to see Lyndsy Fonseca in more stuff, though she’s wrapped up in Nikita obviously.

    • Angel

      I’m reading the books now & in my minds eye Willa Holland is Anastasia Steel & Alex Pettyfer is Christian Grey. Alex Pettyfer just has a sexy damaged look about him! As much as I dig Alexander Skarsgard I feel like the character of Christian Grey is to similar to that of Eric Northman & I’d have trouble seeing past that!!!

    • SM

      Matt bomber!!! As Christian no doubt about it&nina as Anastasia!! And Charlize Theron for mrs. Robinson…I don’t see Alexis as Ana at all!!