In Heartwarming Celebrity News, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Continue To Be Super Cute

While this morning started out a little rocky with the announcement that Miley Cyrus would be marrying Liam Hemsworth in some kind of publicty stunt gone wrong, I’m happy to assure you that true love still exists in this world. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult attended the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Birthday Party along the Thames on Sunday and acted like a normal non-famous couple.

J. Law climbed up on Nicholas’ shoulders so she could snap photos of the festivities with her phone. Guys, look up normal couple in the dictionary (you may have to go buy one first) and you’ll see this very photo. Minus the bowler hat, because I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong. She pulls it off. I’m just not a bowler hat kind of girl. (But I’ll take a woman in a grandmother-style sun visor any day of the week.)

After Catching Fire comes out, she probably won’t be able to act quite so normal. I suspect that by the time that movie premieres, she won’t be able to attend jubilees on a whim. Not without security.

But until then let’s enjoy all these normal couple photos while we can. We can only hope that their next normal photo’s taken at the very normal restaurant Olive Garden.

Jennifer Lawrence + unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks. Photos don’t get any more magical than that!

Oh and P.S, can we all agree the Queen’s a total birthday brat. I feel bad asking my friends to pay for my dinner and she’s totally okay with a star-studded river parade. Let’s just say she didn’t get a Facebook wallpost from me.


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    • Lermanfan

      I love Jen, she is the only actress i truly admire and love. But you souldn’t imply that Miley and Liam are not in love and they are sort of just pretending… I know a lot of people think she’s shallow but come on, don’t you see how in love she seems to be in every single photo where she’s looking directly at Liam? Anyway i like this photo ;)

      • Jenni Maier

        Oh I don’t think she’s pretending. I’m just suspicious of why they’re getting engaged so young. That’s just the conspiracy theory in me.

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