Nas Shows Us How To Stick It To Your Ex, Poses With Kelis’ Wedding Dress On New Album Cover

Nas Life is Good album cover Kelis green wedding dress stick it to your ex

Recognize the green dress on the cover of Nas‘ new album? Looks like the rapper — who’s been in the news more for money problems than new music lately — took a page from that blog My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress and is posing with the dress that his ex-wife Kelis wore to their 2005 nuptials. I vaguely remember Kelis wearing the nontraditional color in their wedding photo, but it absolutely slipped my mind that they’d had a messy divorce back in 2009, while she was still pregnant.

There’s also a promo video taking us through Nas’ tough last few years, from the thousands he owed Kelis in child support to getting public derision for wanting to use the n-word as an album title and Bill O’Reilly challenging him performing at Virginia Tech after the 2007 shooting. Nas doesn’t say much about his marriage falling apart, except to mention that Kelis left behind her dress. (Just like the woman who inspired that blog!) To add insult to injury, he’s titled his tenth album Life Is Good, which we’re taking as a “fuck you” to his ex. He tweeted the photo out about an hour ago; no word from her yet.

Photo: Instagram

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