Lindsay Lohan Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction In True Elizabeth Taylor Fashion

Oh, LiLo. Just when people are starting to accept you as Elizabeth Taylor in the imminent Lifetime movie Liz And Dick, you turn around and do something so post-millennial that we’ll never suspend our disbelief again, no matter how many black wigs you wear.

Yesterday on the paparazzi-heavy movie set, Lindsay Lohan was deploying her craft, filming a fight scene with co-star Grant Bowler, when she got so into character that her boobs popped right out of her dress, just like Liz Taylor’s used to do back in the day:

But rather than stop the scene and put them back in, she just kept on going, because she’s method like that.

Except wait, just kidding, Elizabeth Taylor’s boobs never popped out of her dress at all, at least not that anyone ever documented. I realize this movie wants to show the secret, not-so-glamorous life Liz had with Richard Burton, but they are arguing on the deck of a boat, presumably where people can see them. If this had happened to the real Elizabeth Taylor (which it would not have, because starlets were better at wearing clothes back then), she would have stopped, put her boobs back in, and likely made some charming and witty remark before continuing to fight with Richard Burton, because she was classy like that. I think LiLo needs to do a little more LizTay research if she wants to stand any chance of winning over the legions of people who are currently skeptical of her ability to channel the storied movie star.

(Via The Daily Mail)

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