Kim Kardashian Could Learn Something From Margaret Cho About Discussing Your Sexuality On-Camera

Margaret Cho pansexual husband boyfriend Kim Kardashian Drop Dead DivaMargaret Cho recently went on The Wendy Williams Show to talk about Kim Kardashian‘s guest spot on her show Drop Dead Diva, and her own pansexual lifestyle. These two topics were unrelated, and yet there was an undeniable connection all the same.

See, Wendy Williams asked Margaret to talk about how she’s pansexual, which she describes as “I’m really attracted to all different types of people, so I don’t like to say that I’m gay or straight… I’m just slutty.”

With the audience cheering her on, Margaret explained her complicated romantic situation: “I feel like monogamy for me is an impossible thing. I can’t really promise that to anyone… I just want to hit it wherever I am, and whoever is [with] me. I can’t stop, so I’d rather just be honest.” She’s married to a straight guy, but she is currently in a monogamous relationship with a boyfriend; her husband has his own girlfriend, and Margaret and he don’t sleep together.

It’s hard to follow, but Margaret does her best to explain it logically. And for that, I really admire her! She represents this nonconventional sexuality, and yet she doesn’t make it sound taboo or like she’s pleading for attention in talking about it. And that’s where I thought about Kim Kardashian, who has based her entire public image on sex: Starting with her sex tape with Ray J, the fervor over her huge ass (which she shakes even in Kardashian family lip dubs), salacious stories about her predilection for black guys, etc. Not a single detail about Kim’s sex life is released unless it can somehow benefit her. It’s likely that that’s all she knows, since the sex tape is what got her her reality-star fame. And yet, she should watch these videos of Margaret Cho and learn how one can talk about sex and still be classy.

Photo: Margaret Cho

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