Watch: ‘Reset Your Password’, The Funniest Video You’ll See All Week

You guys are aware of the fact that Gizmodo releases a weekly list of the internet’s funniest videos, right? Right?? Well if you weren’t, you’re lucky, because we did your research for you to find the week’s funniest video. This time. Next time you won’t be so lucky.

Their choice for This Week’s Top Web Comedy Video is ‘Reset Your Password‘, a hilarious short sketch by the Upright Citizens Brigade Beta Team ‘Horse+Horse’ about the trials and tribulations of changing your password and adapting it to fit the many new rules and regulations of different sites. You need a combination of letters and numbers…caps and lower-case…punctuation…and everyone says you’re supposed to have a different password for every website so that no one will guess it and blah blah blah.

But…sometimes (always) all that cleverness backfires, because I’m the one who has to guess my own password because I’m using so many goddamn different ones that I can’t remember them all. CURSE YOU TECHNOLOGY AND KEEPING MY INFORMATION SAFE FROM HACKERS.

This video sums up all those frustrations perfectly, as Caitlin tries to log into a website that lets you choose which dog is cuter. Except this website takes password resetting a few steps further, imagining what it would be like if our computers made increasingly absurd demands. Like palindromes. But I don’t need to give it all away…watch it for yourself right now so you can say you liked it before it went viral.

And if you liked it, leave me your banking password in the comments section so I can take some money from you and give it to them for their next video. Come on, you can trust me.

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