5 Facts About High School And Piranha 3DD Star Matt Bush

who is Matt Bush High School Piranha 3DD AT&T Cingular commercialsAs much as we adored the adults in stoner comedy High School, we can’t disregard its rising stars. Like Matt Bush, who plays the painfully earnest protagonist Henry. There’s something about his wounded-puppy expression (I mean that in the best way) that makes you think, Here’s another sensitive leading man slowly rising through the ranks.

But coupled with his nice-guy look is a flair for deadpan humor. Not to mention a willingness to put himself out there with unusual comedies. That’s why we’re not surprised that he has two movies out today: High School and Piranha 3DD, which looks to follow Battleship as our next guilty-pleasure summer movie.

So, what should you know about Matt now that he’s becoming a recognizable face in Young Hollywood?

1. If you’re wondering to yourself, “Where have I seen Matt before?” look no further than those old AT&T commercials about the rollover minutes. You know the ones—the mom scolds her kids for dumping their leftover cell phone minutes like freezer-burned leftovers or faded clothes. Even years ago, you could see Matt perfecting his deadpan humor. (THEY’RE ROLLOVER MINUTES, THEY’RE EXACTLY THE SAME.)

2. He’s not afraid to admit to reality TV as one of his guilty pleasures. When asked which show he secretly wishes he could’ve been cast in, he answered, “Jersey Shore—because I’m Italian; I’m from New Jersey. When this show came out, I thought maybe I could pretend to be offended by this show. But man, I just absolutely loved it.”

3. He’s a fairly short guy; blogs estimate his height to be between 5′-5’2″. But his fans don’t care, and have even honored him on the Fuck Yeah Short Guys Tumblr more than once.

4. He’s funny! Matt has had a Twitter (still unverified, sadly) for quite some time and in addition to interacting with fans, he rolls out the occasional joke. Here are some from the last few weeks:

He dishonors my first AND last name. “@leeagoldstein: @ItsMattBush saw this and thought it was you at first! Phew! [regarding the athlete Matt Bush who was involved in a hit-and-run]

I think it’s really courageous that SNL let a special needs kid host tonight’s episode. Congrats. #HesnotspecialitsjustEliManning

Tony Stark is definitely the “Samantha” of the Avengers.

The photos that he and his High School co-stars Colin Hanks and Michael Chiklis tweeted from the press junkets are also pretty cute.

who is Matt Bush High School Piranha 3DD five facts girlfriend

5. Even though he confessed that his celebrity crush is Drew Barrymore and he’d love to play opposite her on-screen sometime, it turns out that Matt has a very normal, non-famous girlfriend. When asked which YA book series is his favorite (Harry Potter, Twilight, or The Hunger Games), he said, “Hunger Games! My girlfriend works at Scholastic, if I don’t say Hunger Games she’ll hit me!” So there you go.

Photos: Zimbio, IMDb

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