Celebrity Lookalikes: Makeup-Free Katy Perry Is Tom Hiddleston, AKA Loki

So in the lead-up to her new documentary/concert movie Katy Perry: Part of Me, Katy Perry has released a few makeup-free photos to show how down-to-earth she is. But in reality, it’s proven the opposite: Katy Perry is actually the demigod supervillain Loki, last seen in Marvel’s The Avengers!

The video above may be short, but it’s shocking how much Katy resembles actor Tom Hiddleston, especially when he’s in full costume with Loki’s long wig and dark ensemble. Kudos to Screen Team Plus for pointing out the resemblance. Maybe that will finally shut up all the people bitching about The Avengers‘ “offensive” adoption joke—now we know for sure that Loki has a sister.

OK, I just watched it again, and SERIOUSLY what is going on. What’s interesting is that a fair number of people seemed to glom on to the Loki/Katy Perry connection as early as last November: There are several YouTube videos setting footage of Loki in Thor to Katy’s songs, like this one for “E.T.”:

[via Dlisted]

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