Katy Perry and Russell Brand Introduce Us To The Power Divorce

Remember that time you spent the entire day at baggage claim taking pictures of haggard couples leaving the airport? No. How about that time you paid money to buy a tabloid that featured Brangelina doing that very same thing with their harem of children? Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone does it.

We can’t help but marvel at Hollywood’s power couples. The couples who possess all our attention and make us pay money to see them act together in movies just so we can comment on their chemistry when we go out to drinks with our friends later on that evening.

Power couples have reigned over our media from the very beginning of time. I think we all remember how much Adam and Eve got for their wedding spread in Prehistoric People. Or what time we all woke up to watch the wonderfully holy union between Prince William and Normal Kate Middleton.

So we’re very familiar with the power couple. But how about the power divorce?

For the first time in North American history a power couple pulled off the power divorce and left their union stronger and more powerful than anyone could ever imagine. Congratulations Katy Perry and Russell Brand! Getting divorced from each other was the best idea you’ve ever had.

The couple shocked everyone when they wed in October 2010. Both of them typically used the “we’re wacky and unpredicatable” PR method to strategically gain attention — and settling down monogamously didn’t really seem to jibe with either of their public images. Therefore no one feigned sorrow or surprise when the couples announced their divorce a little over a year later  in December 2011. How could these two free spirits ever be contained by a word like holy matrimony?

But what no one saw coming, especially a cynical blogger like myself, was how far forward their divorce would propel them. Since untying the knot, the couple’s garnered fantastic headlines that show them both in the best light, personally as well as professionally.

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