6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching The Real Housewives of Orange County

Well folks, we’re 16 episodes into this crazy little thing I liked to call The Real Housewives of Orange County, and this episode proved to be all sort of crazy. The women pack their (very expensive) bags and head to Costa Rica for some nice R&R. Between zip-lining, drinking mojitos, and making each other cry, I don’t know when they had time to actually relax, but that’s just me. Before I go into my questions, let me give you a little breakdown of these women’s individual mental breakdowns in Costa Rica.

 Vicki’s love tank is full (of crack) and acts like a hyper eight-year-old the entire episode. Tamra is being incredibly critical and mean. Heather is (once again) the voice of reason. Gretchen is acting different without Slade attached to her hip, and Alexis is getting verbally ripped to shreds by each of the housewives. Now onto the questions!

 1. Do Heather and Terry have the cutest baby ever?

While Heather is trying to pack for the trip to Costa Rica, Terry comes into her huge closet with their little baby girl! When I saw that on the television, I actually typed out:  ”TERRY WITH A BABY!” She is the cutest baby ever. And Terry is the cutest housewives husband ever. He is a D.I.L.F. I am not even going to lie about that. There it is, readers, I love Terry Dubrow, and I am not ashamed to say it. Him playing with his daughter was just an extra bonus for me.

2. Why all of a sudden is Alexis allowed to travel without Jim?

For the past couple seasons, Alexis made it a huge deal that she had never spent more than night apart from her husband since they got married and that they didn’t like to travel without each other. Why all of a sudden is that not an issue and she’s allowed to do whatever she wants now? It makes me wonder if Jim and Alexis saw how ridiculous they were being and got bad backlash when it came to their “traditional marriage” and decided to reevaluate how they worked as man and wife. Interesting.

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    • Jennifer

      I agree with you on the point about Terry. DILF and not ashamed to say it.