It’s Time Suri Cruise And Katie Holmes Make Their Own Friends

Every single day I see another photo of Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes traipsing around the world together like they’re Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Inseparable and caught in their own twisted world of secrets and fame. And yes, in this scenario Tom Cruise is obviously Lizzie Olsen. The outsider who’s always on the periphery of the coveted relationship and forced to do his own projects just to pass the time while his wife and daughter eat cupcakes on Parisian balconies.

Already this morning I saw today’s BFF photos of the pair swimming in a Connecticut lake while Katie Holmes takes a break from shooting a movie based on Chekhov’s The Seagull. While it’s always nice to see celebrity parents taking an active interest in their children, it’s also slightly frightening when you don’t see them doing anything else.

Sure Suri and Katie might have friends back at home…scratch that sentence…they have no real home. (Cue depressing music) But the family’s constantly on the go and it’s nearly impossible to make friends when you spend the majority of your elementary school years hanging around movie sets. So Suri clings to Katie as her BFFAEAE, and it looks like Katie clings back.

(Rumors claim that they each wear matching halves of Suri’s umbilical cord. When you put both pieces together, they fit perfectly. But that just a rumor I made up and want to be true, so who knows if you should really believe it. )

You don’t have to watch more than two hours of Dr. Phil to know that relationship’s not right. Children need friends who are their age and adults need friends who are their age — no matter how mature the child may be or how immature the parent may be. That’s just a fact everyone knows.

So that’s why I propose that Suri and Katie work with Tom to develop a reality show based on this very premise — “Moms and Daughters Looking 4 Friendz.” They can audition several spoiled high-heeled children and several former teen actresses who married major movie stars to become their friends.

It would air right after Wipe Out on NBC and be the smash hit summer sensation. Winners would get to be the real-life friends of Suri and Katie and losers would all go home with penis candy. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Oh, and naturally I would request that Christina Aguilera host.

(Photo: Daily Mail)


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    • TVannie

      Thank you for posting this article. I have been thinking the same thing for months. I love Katie’s devotion to her daughter, but both Suri and Katie need their own friends. Suri is never in school long enough to develop friendships with other children. She takes gymnastics and dance classes,but again it depends on where they are and Suri is rarely in a town longer than a few weeks. Not sending Suri to school will result in a child who never learns to make and keep friends, not to mention the fact that Tom & Katie take Suri to restaurants at all hours and do not try and maintain any sort of early bedtime for this little girl. I can appreciate wanting to ” be there” for your child, but sometimes, you have to let them go long enough to navigage their own schooling and friendships.

      • Jenni Maier

        I’m curious to see how all these travel-all-over-the-world celebrity kids turn out. I suppose the Brangelina clan has each other…but kids still need outside friends and consistency.

    • Jan

      You must have had a very sad childhood and are obviously envious of the close bond they have, that you had did not have with your own mother.

      When one notices AND comments on such things, there is a deep rooted reason for that criticism. Do a check on yourself Jenny.

      • Jenni Maier

        Did I ever tell you about the time I was raised by wolves?

      • Tobi

        Holy cow, Jan. Talk about projecting your own insecurities onto Jenni. Sheesh.

    • Arline

      Loved the post. I’m with you, it’s a strange relationship.
      …and as far as Jan’s posting… she has obviously never met your mother!!!
      SMOOCH! Keep up the awesome posts!!!!

    • MamaToOne

      I think you’re reading too much into this… You’re seeing what the media wants you to see… what sells. As the mother of an only child, and the partner of someone who works more than 8 hours a day, I also spend a lot of time with my child. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t play independently while we’re at home, go to classes or playdates and interact with other children, or that I don’t have girl’s nights outs with my friends on occasion. Not that I’m a huge fan of Katie Holmes, but judgmental comments on how other people mother their children seem to be in vogue lately, and it seems hurtful. She has a different, crazy job that puts her in a different, crazy lifestyle and I’m sure she’s trying to do the best that she can. Regardless of celebrity-status or not, our kids all grow up at some point, and I’m sure Katie is cherishing every moment just like the rest of us.

    • Kalalui

      I find this article mean and, frankly, I’m sick of Mommyish posting editorials of moms bashing other moms. I don’t find anything creepy or weird about wanting to spend time with your children. And just because we don’t see pictures every day of Suri playing with other children does not mean it doesn’t happen. We don’t see pictures of celebrity children having meltdowns or throwing up from being sick either, but we know those things happen too. And there are plenty of kids who travel a lot and they end up fine too. Military children are a great example of that. They turn out to often be independent, worldly people and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

    • Karrie

      Sorry but this article is wrong. Remember that the media only has assess to Suri w/ Katie in public so every picture will be of them together. They only sell pictures of Suri and her mom together and only have assess to it. Pictures of Suri with random high elite people don’t make it or sell to gossip magazines and websites.

      I love the relationship bond these two have. They genuinely care about each other and no friend can ever replace that especially at Suri’s young age. When Suri is older she will need and will have friends her own age of course. But when I was a 1-7 year old I only thought about being with my mom.