Your Guide To All The Drama In The Degrassi: Showdown Promo

Degrassi: Showdown promo "Bite Your Tongue" Eclare Maya Luke Baker Drew Katie Becky Baker Eli

Seeing as Degrassi: New Beginnings ended on a low-key note — Fiona and Imogen sweetly kissing — it’s exciting to see that the next arc of the show will return to high school rivalries and hopefully darker storylines. The first promo for Degrassi: Showdown went live this weekend, creative as always—we watch the Degrassi High kids take school photos, only for the click of the camera to reveal the simmering resentments beneath the surface.

Here’s what we could glean from the promo:

  • Shockingly, Katie‘s dyed her hair dark, probably as some sort of post-rehab rebellion. She and Drew still seem like the perfect couple, but his love for Bianca and Katie’s continual drug problem is going to make things explode. (Can I just say, having the good girl dye her hair and turn edgier reminds me just a wee bit of Quinn on this past season of Glee?)
  • Tristan fits in at Drama Club but gets abuse from the hockey team… which, interestingly, includes his failed blind date Adam.
  • See the pretty blonde arguing with Eli over his play? That’s Becky Baker, one of the new characters. She may look preppy, but it’s clear that she knows enough about theater to argue with Degrassi’s resident playwright/director. And even though last season ended with an “Eclare” kiss, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a thing for Becky. (Also, as someone pointed out, she’s a dead ringer for Glee season 1 Rachel Berry.)
  • Maya and Luke Baker (yep, Becky’s twin) seem to have the season’s forbidden love story, in a lovely sequence lit by the Stargazing Club.

Most importantly, as one Degrassi fan pointed out on Tumblr… no uniforms! Everyone’s in street clothes. Could this mean that the era of those ugly yellow, blue, and red polos is finally over? Unfortunately, no Degrassi promo will ever match the dynamic “Shark in the Water” carnival video from a few years ago, but “Bite Your Tongue” definitely has me psyched for the new season this summer!

Photo: mistaken appearances on Tumblr

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    • Lexiness

      The guy with Maya is not Luke, it’s Campbell/Cam.
      Luke (Becky’s twin brother) is in the Hockey Team photo…somewhere in the back.

      Adam is not involved in hockey, but he is in the Drama Club, along with Tristan.

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