Could This 13-Year-Old Rapper Be Justin Bieber’s More Talented Son?!

Okay guys, I need you to follow me here. What I’m about to pitch you will sound incredibly far-fetched, unlikely and biologically impossible. But if it’s true, if it’s somehow true, it could be the biggest music sensation-a-scandal to ever hit the Internet.

Let’s say Justin Bieber impregnated a girl at 5-years-old just by showing off his elementary school swagger. And let’s say that baby inheritied all of Bieber’s performance talents as well as his haircut. Well then if that’s true, Chris Miles, (known in the rap community as B-Herd), could be his son. He’s practically identical to Bieber and he can rap faster than  Bieber can make Selena Gomez fondue.  I’m sure Justin Bieber’s going to suck the youth out of him Hocus Pocus style as soon as he learns of his existence.

B-Herd’s clearly talented and he’s clearly going places — and I’m not just talking about the 8th grade. While he’s probably (definitely) not Justin Bieber’s son, he could potentially be bigger than him by the end of this year. He has the haircut, he has the skills and he has the highly coveted 1999 birth date. Seriously, paternity rumors aside, he really does have the skills.

Now that’s World Star Hip Hop’s featured him as the Youth Talent of the Week, it’s only time before he’s discovered by the people who will make him famous. And with awesome lyrics like, “at least the misfit’s midgets lyrics consistent, ” we hope he’s famous sooner rather than later. You can make that happen by following him on Twitter and promoting his audition video for America’s Got Talent.

(Via Hypervocal)

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    • Meghan Radespiel

      We have to get this kid on America’s Got Talent ASAP!

      • Sam Price

        Chris, keep your head up and keep this constant progression going. Your gonna make it man. Already a big fan

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