Beyoncé Thinks This Glimpse Of Blue Ivy Carter Will Be Enough To Shut Up Detractors… And She’s Right

Beyonce Blue Ivy tribute video Atlantic City concert wtf perfume ad Jay-ZIn her quest to keep us from seeing 100% of Blue Ivy Carter until she’s at least a year old, Beyoncé has teased us with yet another glimpse of her newborn. During a recent concert in Atlantic City, Bey played this bizarre video for fans during the show. (Probably while she was changing into yet another dazzling and blood-constricting costume.)

It seems to be some sort of tribute to little Blue, with Beyoncé doing a voiceover about “time” and “believing that something… meant something,” but wow. I’m actually not sure what she was going for her. With the lingering shots on flowers and the heavens opening up and Bey frolicking in the sand smiling coyly at the camera, it looks more like a perfume ad. You know, like that awful Britney Spears one where she’s in the all-white hotel.

It’s difficult to hear what Beyoncé is even saying, but the most important shot comes a little after 0:36, as we see her cradling little Blue Ivy and the people recording this video literally shriek in excitement. Even though all we see is a glimpse of the kid’s head! So maybe this is meant to be proof that Blue Ivy is real and not a doll, but since yet again all we see is just one piece of the kid, I’m not yet convinced.

Eh, we’d rather visit Beyoncé’s Tumblr: It’s that same attempt at intimacy, and much cooler than a cheesy pseudo-perfume ad.

Photo: Splash News

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    • Terrelle

      You are so stupid if you beleive that’s a doll smh how old are you again?! 10? 8?

      • Jenni Maier

        8.5. All Crushable editors are required to be 8.5 years old. It’s just a quirky thing we do here!

    • Brianti

      Love the wit in this story! The voice over is actually her speaking lyrics from her song “I Was Here,” which is on the album “4.” Even though she didn’t perform it at her Revel concerts, it’s one of the most popular on the album.

    • Marina

      Lol @ Jenni. Woohoo I’m not convinced either.

    • Adele

      Beyonce is boring, where is the real talent that doesn’t flaunt their stupidity at the world? Billions of women give birth every year; thousands of celebrities have children, Noone actually cares about Beyonce plus the fact that she has nannies and help doesn’t really make her a mum like all the other mums out there. .

      • GorgeousnCarefree

        Apparently you care if you’re on this website :)

    • gnatcar

      Get a life…seriously.

    • sonia

      Who cares if you are not satisfied kmt
      Blue is her baby and she does to her whatever she want even if she doesn’t want to show her public for 3 years is not youyr business…….. Leave her alone and let her enjoy with her beautiful baby….. Get a life yourself Nd stop writin stupidness bout peoples life