Kim Kardashian Continues To Play The ‘Look At Me’ Attention Card While Accusing British Airways Of Theft

For some reason, France allowed Kim Kardashian into their beautiful country so she could attend the Cannes Film Festival. Why Kardashian was allowed even in the same vicinity of the festival remains a mystery even if her entire life is one big act. Her performances in “leaked” sex tapes don’t exactly put her on par with Meryl Streep and other women who actually have talent; although I’m sure Kim would beg to differ.

However, upon returning to the states, Kardashian claims that British Airways stole from her luggage. Instead of making a phone call, or rather having her assistant make a call to the airline, Kardashian did what comes natural to her and took to Twitter to accuse British Airways. That’s just the kind of “lady” Kim is — when in doubt make potentially damaging claims against a person or business on Twitter. She’s such a class act.

As for what was stolen, or even if anything was, has yet to be determined, but she did tweet that the items that were taken had “sentimental” meaning and are “not replaceable.” Once again, this is confusing because we all know that Kardashian doesn’t have a sentimental bone in her body. The woman lives and breathes for the camera and if she’s not getting the necessary amount of attention, she will freak out and start making false accusations! I’m not saying she’s definitely lying, but considering her track record… well, I’ll let you fill in the rest.

Do you think this is legit or just Kim trying to make sure the world is looking in her direction again?

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