Only Jennifer Lawrence Could Goof Around With Nicholas Hoult And Michael Fassbender

No matter what she’s up to, Jennifer Lawrence is always adorable.

Recently she and her fellow X-Men: First Class co-stars Michael Fassbender and (real-life boyfriend) Nicholas Hoult attended a Hugo Boss party where Lawrence seemed to be having a fine time for herself as she joked around on the red carpet. Red carpet photos are usually so bland with all those pre-decided upon poses, but as you’ll see below Lawrence let her goofy side shine.

If you find anything more charming than Jennifer Lawrence having a ball on the red carpet as she did the other night, let me know. Frankly, I doubt you will.

So what do you think? Was I right?

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    • Jules

      Adorable…damn they look like they are having a blast. Beautiful, talented and funloving. Lawrence and Hoult are incredibly darling and refreshing; there doesn’t seem to be ANY attitude.

    • Mittens

      someone looks a little drunk….

    • Jessie

      I love her!