Lady Gaga Forced To Cancel Her Concert In Indonesia On Account Of Being A Messenger Of The Devil

Lady Gaga was supposed to give a concert in Indonesia on June 3rd, but she’s been forced to cancel it due to threats from Muslim extremists. This comes on the heels of similar issues in The Philippines, but ones that Gaga and her team were able to overcome, getting clearance by the Filipino government to perform anyway.

She wasn’t so lucky in Jakarta, Indonesia, however, where the Islamic Defenders Front came out in staunch opposition to the star, calling her a ‘messenger of the devil’ and picketing outside the venue with signs. Local authorities asked Gaga if she wouldn’t mind…you know…like toning down her act or something? Which Lady Gaga of course promptly refused because she’s Lady Effing Gaga.

Granted, this all sounds like stuff she’s dealt with before, but when it was revealed that some of the 52,000 tickets sold had gone to members of the groups opposing her, for the sole purpose to ‘wreak havoc’ inside the stadium, her own team took a stand and decided to cancel the performance, for the security of the performer, as well as her Indonesian ‘little monsters’ in attendance.

One Indonesian fan commented on something that occurred to me as well. He said:

“This only shows to the world how weak security forces are in this country, how police are afraid of a bunch of hard-liners.”

Yeah wait, what? That’s a good point! Why does the concert have to be canceled? Why do the disruptive, threatening protesters get what they want? Why can’t the police, you know…police the situation until it’s safe enough for Gaga to perform? There must be more than meets the eye, here.

I’ll assume that Lady Gaga really is speaking to the devil, because that would explain everything.


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