Happy Birthday, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt — You Miniature Ellen DeGeneres, You!

Happy 6th birthday to Hollywood’s most famous tomboy, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!

While scrolling through some pictures of this small human today, I was struck by the fact that even though she’s the child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh seems to have looked elsewhere for fashion advice. Looked all the way, in fact, to one of my favorite people on the planet, Ellen DeGeneres…Shiloh seems to favor the same button-ups, sweater vests, short hair, and sneakers that Ellen favors on her show. And you know what? I’m not mad about it.

A lot has been said about whether it’s appropriate that Shiloh tends toward fashion choices that are more typically ‘masculine’, but I for one think it’s awesome that her parents let her express herself however she wants. It seems pretty clear that Brangelina encourage Shiloh to be exactly who she wants to be, and if other people have issues with that, that’s their problem. In fact, I actually think it’s refreshing to see a little girl who isn’t being forced into girly-girl adult clothes like Suri Cruise is. Doesn’t it make way more sense for a six-year old to wear jeans and sneakers instead of high heels and flamenco dresses? I think so. Is there a smile on her face? Great, then shut up.

So in honor of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and her strange, loving, supportive, accepting family, I give you a gallery of ten of Shiloh’s most tomboyish looks.

Be yourself today! Do it for Shiloh.

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    • Linda

      I don’t under your need to put down a little child? Totally not entertaining.

    • Duck

      Those aren’t tennis whites in five — she’s wearing a yellow shirt!

    • Em

      A child needs to receive “fashion advice”? Just because her parents are famous? Or because the onlooker harbors highly specific doll fetish? If you wish to control children’s “fashion choice”, do it to your own.

    • k

      I don’t see anyone putting her down. The piece is a celebration of the fact that her parents let her be herself, for everyone to see. I bet Mom does help choose her clothes, there are some very well put together looks, but Angelina has no problem taking her to the boys dept. if thats where she wants to look. Love the sword and vest look- one of my kids, though a son, totally dressed like this at her age..

    • Amber

      I share a birthday with Shiloh and I’ve said from the very first day she appeared in “boys” clothes that it’s a May 27th thing. I was a total tomboy and refused to wear a dress or anything pink until I was in high school. Now I seem to wear pink every day. A friend of mine also shares the birthday but is two year younger than me and she was the same way. She was Michael Jackson one year for Halloween and I was GI Joe. I don’t even know who I was when I look at the pictures. I love that Brad and Angie let her do her thing. They get it. My mom was usually upset about it and it just made me want to defy her more. I think it has a lot to do with her admiration for her brothers. But, if she never changes, that’s fine by me.

    • nonnie22

      You have proof that Suri Cruise is “forced” to wear girly clothes? No? Then please don’t say that!

      My daughter was a tomboy from day one. I had to insist that she not wear soccer cleats and a jersey to school. Her daughter was born prissy and was stomping around in heels not too long after she could walk. The conclusion: kids are different.

    • Nancy

      Angelina dresses Shiloh that way on purpose. She has always been into the lesbian lifestyle. This is Angies style not Shiloh. She has been dressing Shiloh like that for years. When you are two years old your parents dress you.

      • http://twitter.com/Tobi_Is_Fab Nerdy Lucy


    • gwen

      i think it’s awful as beautiful as she is to have her looking like a boy or wanting her to be like a boy. parent grow up even you angelia

      • http://twitter.com/Tobi_Is_Fab Nerdy Lucy

        What’s wrong with the kid wearing what she wants?

      • http://www.sarahcooksthebooks.com/ Sarah

        Because the important thing is to have people want to look at you? Is that it?

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m no expert. We should probably ask Angelia.

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