In Honor Of Matt Stone’s 41st Birthday, Let’s Look At The Most Iconic ‘South Park’ Quotes

It’s hard to believe that South Park has been around since 1997. It’s even harder to believe that one of its creator’s, Matt Stone, who was a wee 26 when the series started, is turning 41 years old today.

Stone is no longer the spring chicken that he used be, but someone who has contributed to pop culture endlessly with the show, movies and now the Tony Award winning “The Book of Mormon,” with his fellow crass, yet equally genius buddy, Trey Parker.

So let’s take this day, Stone’s birthday, to pay homage to him, Parker and the show that started it all with some of the most iconic lines that we’ve all been known to repeat when trying to get a laugh out of someone. As you’ll notice, it’s pretty much Cartman who’s been given the winners all these years.

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    • Nancy

      My favorite is the whole speech by Cartman at the end of “Scott Tenorman Must Die.” “Do you like it, Scott? I call it, Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman chili.”