5 Facts About Lindsay Lohan’s Liz & Dick Leading Man Grant Bowler

3. He’s a dad, and a responsible one, to boot. His seven-year-old daughter was psyched that he gets to be on True Blood; he told EW, “She went to school one day, chanting under her breath, ‘My daddy’s a werewolf. My daddy’s a werewolf. My daddy’s a werewolf.’ And that’s all that matters to me.” But of course he doesn’t actually let her watch the show: “No. NO. But what I am gonna do is just snip out those two, or three, or four transformation moments so she can watch them. There’s one on-stage there that I don’t think has anyone else naked in it, which is good.”

4. He’s gracious: While he isn’t gushing about his troubled starlet co-star, he has gone out of his way to already talk positively about her. Here’s his most recent tweet:

“@roelofenraymond: @GrantBowler LiLo is a gifted actress – she will give the performance of a LIFETIME in Liz & Dick :)” She is, andshe will

5. One of his biggest roles to date was playing Jesus Christ in the film City of Gardens. When asked if he were intimidated to take on this iconic character, he replied,

“I leapt at it!! Jesus was one role I didn’t think I’d ever be offered (lucky they hadn’t seen my Cooter!!) I went to a wig fitting in LA, and tried on all these ‘Jesus wigs’. One of them was the wig Caveziel wore in The Passion… I thought, go big or go home, and grabbed that one!! Taking the role of Jesus out for a spin on film is one of my fondest memories.”

OK, so this guy has a great sense of humor. He could be a great foil to the perpetually irresponsible Lohan and ground her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor. Let’s just hope she doesn’t scare him off in the next ten days.

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    • Diane

      Actually a little more research and you would have seen his biggest experience is with tv shows, not reality shows and has been in many very popular tv shows in Australia. He may be new to the US audiences but is quite a well known and experienced actor in Australia.

      • ScienceGeek

        He will always be Constable Wayne Patterson to me. Even though I was too young for Blue Heelers when it was all over the TV. I think it’s just something about that name. It’s so stereotypically ‘Australian’ that’s it’s almost a caricature.

      • Marian

        And in New Zealand, I did love him as Wolf in Outrageous Fortune.

    • jen

      “Lucky they didn’t see my Cooter,” just made me laugh so hard.

      Because I’m 12.