Alison Brie Announces That At School, She Used To Hang Nude From A Tree ‘Like A Naked Monkey’ To Cheer Up Her Roommate

I can’t make this stuff up.

Alison Brie was on Conan last night talking about her college experience which, in case you missed it, was spent at California Institute of the Arts, a school in Valencia which was also attended by such luminaries as Julie Taymor, David Hasselhoff, and Pee Wee Herman. It was also, incidentally…a clothing-optional institution. (Except, as Alison pointed out, in the cafeteria, which strikes both of us as an exceedingly good rule.)

SO. I bet you’re wondering if anyone ever actually took advantage of that rule. Well apparently Alison did. She says that periodically — “not all the time” — she would put on sneakers and jog naked through the campus, just to ‘exercise her right’. Conan is pretty baffled by this revelation (as was I), and I think Alison felt the need to explain that she was doing it more for humor than for attention, because she she continued:

“Well or, like I said, for comedy…it would be like if my roommate was having a bad day and I wanted to make her laugh to feel better, I would sort of pretend like I was gonna go take a shower, but then I would sneak outside and like hang from the tree outside our window…like a monkey. Like a naked monkey. Like, naked.”

That is the best and most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all day. I want to know if there are human beings going about their lives who have seen Alison Brie hanging nude from a tree and eating a banana.

…actually the banana part was an exaggeration on my part. It was out of line and I’m sorry. Let’s just leave it at ‘naked monkey’ so that nobody gets embarrassed.

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