Brad From LFO Goes From Singing About ‘Summer Girls’ To Shaming Girls At Abortion Centers

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Leave it to BuzzFeed to unearth news that simultaneously gives me the nostalgia warm’n'fuzzies and then plunges me into severe depression. They found Brad Fischetti, easily the hottest guy from ’90s boy band LFO (at right in the photo)… but what’s he been up to since the group disbanded in 2003? Oh, you know, just hanging around abortion critics heckling young women trying to have a difficult procedure in peace.

Brad got all religious in the past decade: All of his tweets are about how he and some guy named John Barros camp out in front of the Orlando Women’s Center to “advise” local women against the sin they’re committing, yadda yadda. This Barros guy is really dedicated; according to Brad, he’s been there six days a week for the past 19 months. Brad himself sounds pretty dedicated, though, as this sampling of tweets indicates:

50 girls waiting to have abortions at this one clinic today. Please pray for a softening of hearts. 2 chose life so far.

Abortionist Scott Hyde quits! Praise God and his wonderful instrument John Barros!

Isaiah 49:15 Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness 4 the child of her womb? Even should she forget I will never forget you.

What do u say 2 a girl who walks n the clinic who is so pregnant u would stop her on the street & ask when she’s due?

Remember Justin from last week? His lady chose life? 2day she chose death. All she cld say was sorry when she walked out.

“Holiness depends on God’s grace and my will.” Mother Teresa

Brad Fischetti LFO abortion clinics John Barros wtfI wish I had a bigger version of the photo of Brad and Barros (partners in crime), but even this thumbnail conveys the creepiness of it. Oh God, he has a blog, too. The most recent post is from March 8, but there’s enough crazy in it to make up for the intervening months he hasn’t posted. Here’s a small sample of what he’s witnessed:

For the next 30 minutes John and I begged Anna and the boyfriend to let us help them. She was emotionally distraught and her physical condition seemed dire. We pleaded with her boyfriend to do something!  At one point Anna lifted up her shirt slightly to hold her stomach which revealed just how very pregnant she was. That sight brought me to my knees. I sobbed uncontrollably questioning where we have gone as a society. How we could possibly allow such atrocities to go on in this country every single day! John continued to plead with the couple as I regained my composure. All of a sudden, Anna started to vomit violently.

The one thing I’m grateful for is that Brad doesn’t seem to have tried to take advantage of LFO’s nostalgic fanbase to get more supporters to picket the Orlando Women’s Center. Ugh, I’m still shaking my head at this. I’m gonna close out this post with a video because that’s all I can do.

Photo: Matthew Ducey

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    • Helen

      You act like he is doing a bad thing. He is a great guy who is trying to get the message out that killing babies is the wrong thing to do. You are a jerk for writing this article the way you did. You should have never said anything about this topic if you disagree with it. #stupidjerk

      • homemom3574

        I agree, Helen! Thank God that Brad is showing compassion for these women and trying to get them to make the right choice. Abortion means that someone always dies. Why was abortion ever legalized in the first place? Abortion is premeditated murder of an innocent baby unless in the case that both mother and baby would die if the baby was not aborted. (Which is extremely rare)

    • Homemom3574

      Praise God that Brad’s out there saving lives. Abortion is wrong and should not be legal. Killing an innocent baby is premeditaded murder unless it is really to save the woman from dying in childbirth. The CHOICE is really to have sex and risk the consequinces of your actions or don’t have sex and you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Brad is showing compassion for these women and trying to get them the help they need so they don’t feel they have to get an abortion. There are other options! Why not choose the option in which both people live?

    • BLBH

      When someone who values life offers support and help in a peaceful and loving way there is not a reason to criticize. These women are offered an opportunity to share and they are not judged, they and their babies are prayed for, that simple. It is easy to judge the pro life movement based on the unspeakable acts of the few who have behaved irresponsibly. Maybe it is time to look into the many who support these women before and after… Offering them the option to choose life with the support they and their unborn baby need during their pregnancy and afterwards. This is a human issue, a love issue. Pro life is not about anger at moms and dads who feel they have only one possible option.

    • Marian

      Those poor women.
      People in that position deserve love, support and a safe space to make the right decision for them, not some slimy former pop star guilting them into making the decision he thinks best.
      I would love to live in a world with no abortions, but I can’t live in one with out them and with every child being wanted and that is more important.