Willow Smith’s Outfit Might Be Her Way Of Asking Her Parents To Pay Attention To Her

I’m worried about Willow Smith. The precocious performer and daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith excels at drawing attention to herself via her beauty and fashion choices. Earlier this year the singer best known for the song “Whip my Hair Back and Forth” shaved her head, causing a public uproar and general dismay. Then the 11-year-old continued to garner press for wearing 6-inch heels while shopping in New York City. And now she’s back on the blogs for wearing a bizarre spiky ensemble that would indubitably maim anyone who got too close to her.

While I give her major props for her unique fashion choices and her determination not to blend in with the crowd, I can’t help but wonder if this latest extreme outfit is actually a plea for attention from her parents.

Will and Jada are notorious for their hands-off parenting technique where they claim to  ”respect” their children enough not to give them any rules. However it’s a well know facts that kids crave rules and structure. They want someone to say no to them and they want to test out their boundaries while still protected by their parents’ safety net.

They don’t want their parents continually talking about them in the media and using them for soundbites. Like Will recently did with Jaden’s visit to the White House or Jada did when talking about Willow’s decision to shave her head.

I’m totally playing armchair psychologist here, but I think Willow may be looking for that from her parents. She might really want one of them to step in and say no to an outfit. To say no to wearing zipper-up leather pants and spiked jorts at 11-years-old.

Or maybe she’s just really into spikes. We won’t know until her memoirs come out in 10 years.

(Photo: Daily Mail)

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    • Heather

      I don’t know – I don’t think kids cry for attention in just one way. If she’s doing well otherwise, it’s entirely possible that she’s just not conservative or sheep-like in her fashion sense. It makes me sad to think that my kid and I might be judged for his or her decision to follow his or her on taste rather than blending in.

    • LaNeshe

      I think her dress is a reflection of not having rules, not a cry for attention. Most kids would probably dress like this if their parents let them.

      • Jenni Maier

        You could be right. We know from their parents that they definitely don’t have rules.

    • Jessica

      She’s a creative kid expressing herself in a nondestructive way. I am having a really hard time understanding where the negativity is coming from.

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    • Marcus

      Exactly Jessica. There’s no need to blow up about things. Everyone likes attention but the fact that the media is digging so deep into Willow’s life is ridiculous.