Not Even The Hunger Games Is Immune To Movie Mistakes

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Now that we’ve had two months — can you believe it’s been that long? — to take in multiple screenings of The Hunger Games, diehard fans have begun to put aside their initial blind love to nitpick. Because as lovingly as Gary Ross and the cast treated the source material, there are inevitably a handful of goofs in every movie that the cast and crew misses in post-production. These range from logical inaccuracies to crew or equipment being caught in a wide shot, and gently remind us that this is a movie.

Hollywood Dame (via Down With The Capitol) highlighted quite a few continuity errors in the way that only dedicated fans can:

As the 12 chariots carrying the tributes roll through the stadium, fans throw flowers as they pass. When all the chariots have reached the end of the roadway, an overhead shot reveals a clean and spotless runway.

There is no cannon fire to alert the Hunger Games participants that Rue and her killer, Marvel, have died.

When Peeta smears the cream on Katniss’ cut she received while getting the medicine at The Feast, he wipes away the wound makeup making it look like the it is days old/healed.

When Katniss, Peeta and Cato are on top of the Cornucopia near the end of the film, she aims an arrow at Cato while he has Peeta in a headlock. Katniss has her arrow fletchings on backwards. This would prevent her from shooting straight.

And here are a few from IMDb:

When Haymitch mentions the career-tributes, the four from District 1 and 2, he says they train at a special academy, then volunteer when they turn 18. However, in the brief shot of the board displaying the tributes, their betting odds etc., both District 1s tributes – Marvel and Glimmer – are listed as being aged 17.

After Katniss has destroyed the stockpile at Cornucopia, she runs back into the forest and stops to whistle to the mockingjay and signal Rue. In the wide shot you can very clearly see a blue marker for where she needed to stop.

When Katniss draws her bow to deliver the coup de grâce to Cato, she initially aims downward as would be expected. But in the next shot, her aim changes to slightly upward. She releases the arrow in a path that would clearly fly far over him.

It’s not surprising that two of the errors came from the pivotal climactic showdown at the Cornucopia between Katniss, Peeta, and Cato. It was an emotionally charged scene, with Cato panicking and ranting about the ugliness of the Games and Katniss thinking she’ll lose the guy she maybe loves. I don’t know where in the filming process they actually shot that scene, but obviously everyone was wrapped up in the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had noticed mistakes like Katniss’ backwards arrows but decided to keep them since that was the best shot of the day, or something.

Of course, my favorite is the one about how Josh Hutcherson accidentally wipes off Jennifer Lawrence‘s wound makeup. Moviemaking magic at its best…

Photo: ScreenRant

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    • vee

      arrows don’t shoot in straight lines though, so she would have been aiming correctly

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    • Will

      No, arrows don’t fly in exactly straight lines but they fly very close to straight lines across very short distances like the final fight at the Cornucopia. I’ve only seen the movie once & haven’t read the books. The photo in front of me is of Katniss shooting an old fashioned bow instead of a modern compound bow. Is that right?

    • Secret

      The thing about Haymitch isn’t 100% correct, just because D1 and D2 tributes volunteer when they’re 18, doesn’t mean that they won’t get reaped…

    • Aubrey

      Also, when Peeta and Katniss win the hunger games and the hovercraft comes to pick them up and is hovering above them, in that quick scene you can notice that the girl standing with Peeta is’nt even Jennifer Lawerence, it’s probably her stunt double or someone.

    • Jimmy

      I’m a fan of the books and movie, however when Katniss shoots the bag of apples to blow apart the pyramid of food – I believe all she really would accomplish is setting off some of the surrounding mines used as a boobie trap to protect it. – The mines weren’t buried under the pyramid so nothing would cause the items to blow up and about that much. But – it’s a book, and hollywood… need I saw more?

      • David Pittelli

        More to the point, the trained combat “experts” who set up the pyramid built it so if it functioned as designed — blowing up when someone approaches to steal from it — it would self-destruct.

    • Adam

      Another one you missed were the odds board. On the close up they show Thresh and Rue. Rue is listed as 60-1. When it cuts to the larger board she is listed as 7-1.