We Would Watch Chris O’Dowd In Anything, But A Christopher Guest TV Show Is Better Than We Imagined

Chris O'Dowd Christopher Guest TV show Family Tree improvUnbelievably, it’s been six years since Christopher Guest‘s last great ensemble comedy For Your Consideration… and honestly, that movie was among his weaker offerings. So here’s news that will make fans of Guest’s improv/mockumentary style salivate: His next big project is not a movie, but a television show.

Vulture describes the project as an “improvised genealogy comedy” called Family Tree, which stars BridesmaidsChris O’Dowd as a man who attempts to track down his biological family. That formula already leaves so much room for Guest’s “repertory” group of familiar actors who’ve appeared in Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and other films: Eugene Levy, Jennifer Coolidge, Michael McKean, Parker Posey, Jane Lynch, and countless others.

Yep, we’re sold. No need to convince us further.

Vulture’s sources say that Guest and producing partner Jim Piddock want to emulate Larry David‘s Curb Your Enthusiasm in keeping the show commercial-free, so that means they’re likely shopping it around to networks like HBO or even Netflix. That plus the new Arrested Development would be absolutely perfect.

Photo: The Berry

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