This Is Neat: A College Acapella Group Puts The Sound Effects From Bop It! To Music

If you thought Christina Aguilera’s performance of a sober singer during this season of The Voice was inspired, wait until you see the Y Chromotones from Berklee College of Music. They turn the slightly annoying sound effects from the childhood game Bop It! into a wonderful mash-up complete with all your favorite classic pop songs.

Their ability to turn a game into a song shows how quickly The Battleship effect is reaching the youth of America. Before today I didn’t know acapella groups could incorporate sound effects into their medlies. Now I know and I think now I’m a better person for it. I eagerly await seeing the Mall Madness mash-up.

That game not only taught me about credit card debt, but it also showed me how toy companies market their products to young girls. Just kidding, it taught me neither of those things. It just taught me how to navigate a mall like a lady.

Anyways, my board game nostalgia aside, watch the video and let me know if you think it captured the magic of Bop It!

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